I have to be completely honest: I’ve never been much of a bag hook girl. I completely understand the idea behind them and know that some people live for using their bag hooks, but not me. When I was first contacted by Mon Mode, I glanced over the email and gave the image a quick glance. What first caught my eye is the design of the Mon Mode Fashion Purse Hook, sleek and entirely fashion-forward with options of exotic skin and jewel like finishes. So I decided to try the hook out myself.

After the initial once-over, I began wondering what makes this hook different from the others. Most are simply used to hang your purse, but this design offers a compact mirror. The mirror is a nice touch, but the primary purpose of this item is hold your bag and I believe this product offers a nice option.

I know many other hooks are entirely simple and not as aesthetically pleasing, but of all options, this is one of the best I have seen. I fell in love with many of the croco and lizard skin options. Prices are steeper, which is to be expected because of the materials, varying from $50 to $86 from Mon Mode.

Stay tuned for a giveaway from Mon Mode for you!

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  • Jessy

    I thought the concept was cool and I bought one a while ago. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never used it!

  • Bee

    I wonder if the bag sticks out enough so that people run into it when they’re passing your table. I live in Japan where tables are spaced very close together so this is a concern of mine. It would be great if someone designs a hook that curves back in so your bag is more under the table.

    • DJ

      Look for the Clipa — it hangs under the table.

    • Laya

      You can try Luxe Link purse hooks http://luxelink.com/ Their designs are pretty cool as well.

  • Elizabeth

    ^ i agree with Bee! that would be a fantastic idea.

  • abbi

    I have recently come to appreciate hooks for your bag. I use to think they were stupid and a waste of money but I was sitting at the ice cream parlor of Harrods when i was there a few months ago and i saw they had hooks for your bags so i put my LV speedy on it and my sister put her RM Williams bag on the floor in front of her and we were there a total of id say 30 minutes (all while she was continuously grabbing things out of her bag) and someone took it! I was so relieved that they had those hooks now and now carry one with everywhere i go just incase!
    It never hurts to be cautious!

  • DJ

    I think these are among the uglier options, actually. Don’t like the shape at all. Clipa still makes the best bag hooks IMO.

    • angelica

      i agree! Clipa is the most practical bag hook for me. Plus it can carry a big and heavy bag.

      • Cory

        Gotta disagree! Clipa (and some other ones out there) just look cheap, IMO . I like that these look vintage and luxe, even if the price is higher. I mean, that’s a Birkin up there!

  • Bagolicious

    I keep my purse hook in my purse at all times. I don’t only use it for my purse, but if I’m out shopping at the mall and have a small shopping bag or two, then I’ll hang it/them from the hook. That way I won’t walk off and leave it/them. I’m not going to walk off and leave my purse. I also use it to hang my umbrella from, as I’m not used to carrying umbrellas often here in L.A., so I tend to forget them sometimes.

  • Bagolicious

    I keep my purse hook in my handbag at all times. I don’t only use it for hanging my purse. If I’m at the mall and have a shopping bag or two, I hang it/them from my purse hook. That way I won’t forget the bag(s). I won’t forget my purse.

    I also use it to hang my umbrella from, as I’m not used to carrying umbrellas a lot here in L.A., so I tend to forget them.

  • Bagolicious

    Excuse the two posts. I wrote the first one and it wouldn’t post. Then I cleared out my system and started over and wrote another one and then they both posted. Go figure.

  • kemilia

    I have one (cost less) and used it recently at a lunch with a bunch of people.

    Mine has a little frog on top and towards the end of the meal, when everything had been cleared off, a couple of my friends asked “what is that a little frog sitting next to you?”

    I love my purse hook and use it when there is no where to put my bag (ribbit).

  • Linda

    I prefer my luxelink. They have great designs and come with their own cute carrying pouch. I keep it in my cosmetic case so it’s with me all the time.

    • Laya

      I agree Luxe Link is the best! :)

    • margaret

      Mon Mode comes with a pouch to carry the hook in as well. I love mine, I use the compact daily, and the hook is perfect for dinners out and work!

  • kouturecrochet.com

    Wow thank you for letting us know about this.

  • jaane


  • jaane
  • Chris

    I would never spend $50 bucks on a purse hook, even if my purse is a fancy shemancy one. Just don’t see the value in that. I hit up Ebay and get much better deals on these things.

    • Stefanie

      Yeah, that makes sense. I guess the point is though, if you’re spending grands on Hermés, you can cough up more than $20 for something that looks just as nice. Not for the average buyer!

  • jaded

    I got a silly one from target for $10. It has an owl.

    BCBG bags come with pursehooks (weight limit is 15 pounds) and they also sell them.

    I use mine a few times a week. At cafes, restaurants and in the public restrooms!

  • Shelly

    Luxelink was fine two years ago… but these are seriously the best purse hooks out there! Holds all bags/coats/etc! I love mine :)

  • Tamee

    I have a silver Fumi purse hook that doubles as a chic bracelet. Plus it holds up to 25 lbs!

  • rose60610

    good idea.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I carry purse hooks in every bag – and use them. I would never put my purse on the yucky floor. And never hand it on the back of my chair to get stolen. I really like the idea of having the concealed mirror as a little extra (don’t have to carry a mirror too). I’m checking these out. Thanks!

  • Bag_Lover

    This is a funky hook. But if you want something less geometric and more girly, check out the Love Heart handbag hook from So-Hooked (with wraparound hook). It also hangs further under the table. so-hooked.com

  • maryc

    Just so you know

    You can get a purse hanger here.


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