Dior Western Leather Ballerina
Let’s start off the week with something other than bags. Yes, this is the purse blog, but I know so many of you love all the other accessories out there. After a weekend loving the beautiful weather and the trees in bloom, I decided I want a new pair of shoes. I am not sure if I can get myself to buy a really nice pair, but I can always be easily swayed. The Dior Western Leather Ballerina makes my feet feel like a piece of heaven is down here on earth. These ballerina shoes go along with the Gaucho western-style that has everyone oohing and aahing right now. Because it is the color of the season, I would opt for the color that I know I would make dirty, white leather. There is contrast topstitching and a leather strap with the focal antiqued silver metal Dior buckle and small key charm. Could these shoes be any cuter? Showing off its comfort and appeal, these shoes implement a round toe with slightly elasticized sides and a padded leather insole which come together for the most divine mixture your feet can experience. For casual or dress up, these shoes get my vote. I am not sure if I can justify spending the money on a white pair of shoes at the time (seeing that I am somewhat broke), but wouldn’t it be nice. For you lucky ladies, buy these absolute beauties through eLuxury for $395.

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  • alix

    those shoes are the cutest!! i saw them today, except they were cheaper, around $250
    argg i really want them!

  • kimmy

    omg i love these shoes they are so so cutie!!!! :shock: i would wear them but it would have to be with a good outfit!!!!

  • Genny Princess

    I have these….and I must say,that theso are the most comfortable ballerinas form Dior which I have…really cool))

  • Naggy

    They look beat up and dowdy. (ipad)

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