Dior Oui Ring

This playful ring is oddly calling my name, even though I do not speak French, nor is my family French. The Dior Oui Ring is designed with 18K white gold and the “i” is dotted with a .03 diamond. Small but enough to add a tiny sparkle here or there. A cute Dior accessory for a Dior accessory price. $675 via eLuxury.

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  • raquel

    “oui” is for says “yes” or you know “i do”

  • louislovesfendi818

    I saw this the other day. it is so cute

  • Jeremiah

    I posted about this ring, the Tod’s pochette, and the Marc bag on FabGrind already…

  • Superqueen

    I love it!!!

  • le blonde

    it tis the cutest ring i have ever laid eyes upon!

  • Kalani Hayashi

    Hi all Ring lover, I just stop by and wanna post a Hawaiian Jewelry website for you guys. This is an outstanding hawaiian jewelry ring store – no matter which millimeter size or design pattern you pick, the quality and craftmanship is absolutely outstanding.

  • Angela

    Just got it, and i absolutley adore it. Simply & classy..with a meaning behind it :) <3<3<3

  • Tracy

    love the ring, its just so diffrent :grin:

  • sharon

    i bought this in rome for 550 euro. people called me crazy. one year later and i still love it as much as i did when i bought it. i can only be ridiculed of being crazy in love :wink:

  • BonnieRadcliffe

    Lucky you, Sharon!! You bought it cheaper than I did XD I got it two months ago for €600, and I thought it was going to be 550… ¬¬ It seems the price increases every year. I know it costed €450 back when it came out.

    • bart

      hey sharon, where did you buy it?

  • bart

    guys, where did you buy it?

  • Jay Fox

    She just gets more and more beautiful over time.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    OUI! J’il aime (that’s supposed to mean I love it!) (fb)

  • megan

    Yes, it is a reference to getting married in French.
    And it is “je l’aime” not “j’il aime”

  • Naggy

    Cute idea, but it’s not executed well at all. (ipad)

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