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  • missarewa

    I love the sophie hulme one!

  • SandiG

    Love the Fendi Alligator. Great article, who doesn’t love a bag charm?

    • kindled

      The alligator is super cute.

  • kindled

    The Ferragamo is pretty frickin’ cute.

    And there’s three foxes if you count the tail (which I find kind of gross).

  • ECooper

    I just bought a Fendi Monster charm and a Prada Trick (Edward) last week. They are a fun way to change up your bags a bit.

  • That Sophie Hulme key fob looks like a hipster Totoro dust ball with glasses! Super cute <3

  • Carolyn

    I can’t believe the prices on these!

    • pe.riche.

      I know! Many of the charm prices rival that of the actual bags!

  • D

    Thank you for this post! I remember you said you would write about bag charms when I asked for some advice here before…

  • AddisonDewitt

    stupid—people around the world starving to death—and this sh it

  • FF

    I have the Coach lock and key charm!

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