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We are living in a golden age of things to hang from your handbag. Bag charms have been reasonably well-liked since back in the day of the ultra-collectable Prada robots, but it’s the Fendi Bag Bugs that have really rocketed the accessory-on-accessory look to its current popularity. With Fendi selling fur puff charms hand over fist, more and more companies have entered the market in the past year, to mostly adorable effect.

Bag Bugs can run you $800 and are nearly impossible to track down without a pre-order, so below, we’ve assembled an extensive list of alternatives, including a bunch that will cost you far less. From tiny bags to hang on your bag to two different fox-shapes options, these funny little bits are the perfect balancing agent to the wave of minimalism that’s overtaken accessories design in the past few seasons. You can have your cake and eat it too; a beautiful bag with a bit of fun clipped on at will.

All of these bags have spring locks that make them easy to hook onto a bag’s hardware, but if you’d rather put one inside your bag, you can do that too – almost all have key rings that allow for more discreet, functional use.

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  • missarewa

    I love the sophie hulme one!

  • SandiG

    Love the Fendi Alligator. Great article, who doesn’t love a bag charm?

    • kindled

      The alligator is super cute.

  • kindled

    The Ferragamo is pretty frickin’ cute.

    And there’s three foxes if you count the tail (which I find kind of gross).

  • ECooper

    I just bought a Fendi Monster charm and a Prada Trick (Edward) last week. They are a fun way to change up your bags a bit.

  • Jenny

    That Sophie Hulme key fob looks like a hipster Totoro dust ball with glasses! Super cute <3

  • Carolyn

    I can’t believe the prices on these!

    • pe.riche.

      I know! Many of the charm prices rival that of the actual bags!

  • D

    Thank you for this post! I remember you said you would write about bag charms when I asked for some advice here before…

  • AddisonDewitt

    stupid—people around the world starving to death—and this sh it

  • FF

    I have the Coach lock and key charm!

  • fzdspzdzdp

    Decorate Your Bag with Enough Bits, Bobs, Charms and Fobs to Create a Whole Second Bag – PurseBlog

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