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One of the bags I think about the least but probably get the most use out of is my cosmetic bag. I use it daily, it travels with me and, quite frankly, I don’t take very good care of it. I should take better care of it, but instead I think I take my cute little cosmetic bag for granted. You see, it is just a matter of time until I realize I need to replace it and when that day comes, I will inevitably be taken by surprise and under-prepared.

Instead of waiting until my current bag bites the dust, I’ve decided to try something new and plan ahead. As I started thinking, I realized there are three main components I take into consideration when looking to purchase a new cosmetic bag. Find out what they are and take a look at my current picks for great cosmetic bags after the jump.

1. Durability. We all know far too well that makeup breaks, leaks, spills, etc, etc, etc. I hate seeing a cosmetic bag with a big ol’ stain that has been there for who knows how long. The material inside and out must be able to stand the wear and tear it is bound to endure.

2. Size. The story of my ideal cosmetic bag sounds eerily similar to that of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears: not too big, not too small, JUUUUUUST right. I need my bag to be big enough without being so big that I can’t seem to find what I need. Yet at the same time, it can’t be too small as I need to fit all my goodies without having my bag look like it is about to burst open at the seams.

3. Design. While this bag isn’t one that is on display while you are out and about in public, let’s be honest, it should still be cute! Whether it is a cute design on the outside, a surprising-yet-welcomed lining or a bit of flare here and there, like all of your other bags, this too should have personality.

Keeping all this in mind, I’ve found some great cosmetic bags that are definitely in the running to replace my current one. While cosmetic bags aren’t bags I tend to save big bucks for, I’ve thrown in a whole range of price points here. Now, what about you? If you were to choose which one of these would you make yours?

LeSportsac Cosmetic Bag Set – Extra Large and Square, via Bloomingdale’s for $38. *Bonus – two cosmetic bags for this price!

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  • laura

    while the RM bag is pretty, I wouldn’t buy; it’ll get dirty so easily. I like the Burberry and it could also be used as a small clutch :)

  • Elegant Tomatoe

    I just get one from Claires… LOL

  • Wilma

    The Tory Burch gets my attention. I love the subtle “foxy” vibe.

  • Melanie H

    The 3.1 Phillip Lim Pop Art Case really spoke to me, I love how loud and fun it is!

  • seresy

    Even though it’s just black and doesn’t really hit any “cute” buttons, I’ve had a MAC black nylon makeup bag for years. It’s durable, water/leakproof, and you can cram SO. MUCH. STUFF into it even though it’s not very big. I’m always tempted by cute (and by vintage LV epi ones, as they’re pretty affordable) but don’t dare stray for practical reasons.

  • Monica

    makeup bags need to be waterproof so you can wash it easily!!!

  • Lydia

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