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  • Daria

    What about bag chains or anything you can hang on your bag? I’ve been looking for sth beautiful to decorate my bags for a long time…I love LV bag chains but I hate to pay that much for it…any suggestions, please? :)

    • There are tons of bag charm options out there! Of course the Fendi Monsters are there, but expensive. Let me see what I can round up!

      • Daria

        Thank you very much! Appreciated!

    • kemilia

      Have you checked out Juicy Couture charms? I’ve got a few that I clip to my Bals, they have so many cute ones. This site has a Juicy Charms thread too that you can look at.

      • Daria

        Thnx for an idea! Though they don’t have any purse chains…eh…I wish!:)

  • kindled

    My post with the link didn’t work (I guess posts with links never do?), but there is a pretty darling coach fob that’s an itty bitty borough bag. And while I am lukewarm on the actual borough bags, I am totally charmed by the teeny tiny key ring verson.

    • I was going to use that but ended up opting for the lobster charm from Coach. The best part of the key chain you are talking about is that you have a mini Borough pouch you can use too!

  • LC

    I love that lobster key… even thought it is a Coach! ;)

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