Red White Blue Bags

Every four years, Americans have the privilege to get out and vote for whom they believe should be their president. We never delve into the realm of politics here, but we do hope you all take the opportunity to vote. If you didn’t go yet, stop by your polling place after work to cast your vote.

To get everyone in the American spirit, we rounded up the best American designer bags in red, white, and blue. From Diane von Furstenberg to Michael Kors to Proenza Schouler, we are feeling the USA spirit in PurseBlog offices today. Vote!

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  • Deedee

    What’s the point of carrying an “American” handbag if it is not made in the USA?

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Unfortunately, these days that is harder and harder to find

      • Deedee

        I wish Purseblog would cover companies like Frank Clegg. He makes beautiful leather bags in MA. Totally American made.

  • dj

    I like the Rebecca Minkoff, the Michael Kors, and the DVF the best. I’d be afraid to carry the white bags because I’ve had one in the past, and it’s so easy to get marks on it, and so hard to get them off.

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