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Yesterday morning I woke up and said to myself, “Self, what the Internet needs is yet another fashion article about Mad Men, because there aren’t enough of those already.” We’ve never done a roundup of bags inspired by the Mad Men era, though, and now seems like the perfect time to do it. Not only does the show’s long-awaited (a year-and-a-half in the making!) fifth season premiere on Sunday night with a two-hour, all-drinking, all-smoking extravaganza on AMC, but for the first time, I’ll be recapping a show that doesn’t give me the opportunity to make fun of someone’s terrible weave.

That’s right, Mad Men recaps! Check back here every Monday to discuss the show, make completely wild speculations about what will happen next and pine for Don Draper. In the meantime, let’s get in the 1960s spirit with a few handbags that take notes from the style of the era – classic, diminutive top-handles ruled because ladies were supposed to look always unencumbered. If you have a rye Manhattan while you shop, I won’t tell anyone. (more…)

The minty fresh Alexander Wang bags from last week got me thinking – if Alexander Wang can make a pastel bag, and if I can find something to love about its utter lightness, then there has to be a pastel bag out there for everyone. Many of you weren’t as enthusiastic about the Wang bags as Megs and I were, but that’s ok; if I can come around to the idea of pastels, so can anyone. If you want to, that is. If not, I won’t blame you for sticking with brights or black or whatever your signature look might be.

For those of you whose interest might have been piqued by the idea of paleness for spring and summer, though, we’re way ahead of you. After the jump, you’ll find our favorite pastel bags at a variety of price points and in a variety of shades, all the way from colors that somehow find a balance between pastel and neon to those that are so light, they’re barely perceptible. Check ’em out and let us know your favorite in the comments. (more…)

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those days when everyone claims they’re Irish. It’s fun to celebrate St. Patty’s Day because to most of us, it means wearing green, drinking green beer, eating green shamrock cookies, and having an excuse to kiss people. In all actuality, I am quite Irish, hence the name Meaghan Mahoney. I stick to eating lots of green goodies and wearing my favorite green accessories.

Irish or not, you don’t want to be caught without green incorporated into your wardrobe on St. Patrick’s Day. I picked out the nine best green handbags to wear for the holiday and carry throughout spring and summer. (more…)

Major apologies to the March birthday babies that were born on the 1st or 2nd. Last week was a little crazy and March came out of nowhere, but our March Birthday Gift Guide is here now! The March birthday girl’s stone is the aquamarine. Varying from shades of very light blue to a richer hue, this color can add a luscious touch to your wardrobe.

I rounded up 9 Aquamarine handbags that are perfect bags and perfect gifts for the March birthday girl who wants to carry an accessory that matches her birthstone. (more…)

When I see red, yellow, and blue paired together I am immediately reminded of my childhood. I specifically remember my first watch that featured all of these colors and some silly designs. From these primary colors we can make a range of other colors, but today’s feature is solely about red, yellow, and blue.

With many of my favorite online shopping haunts showing bright primary color handbags, I wanted to round up my 9 favorite to help you get on trend. (more…)

If you don’t follow us on Instagram, here are 9 photos you have missed along with many others.

From #bagstalking to backstage access to a private performance by Theophilus London to front row celebrities, we have been snapping and uploading photos non-stop.

Join 17,500+ other Instagramers and follow PurseBlog to for our up-to-the-minute feed of this season’s New York Fashion Week.

The month of Valentine’s Day, Fashion Week, and my anniversary is upon us. This month also holds all February birthday babies, whose birthstone is a gorgeous, deep purple amethyst. Purple is one of my favorite colors, as it works as a deep neutral in place of black or brown.

From the chicest Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that I have ever seen to a luxurious phone case to the best purple bags out there right now, I have nine birthday gift ideas for the February birthday girls in your life. (more…)

Bright bags are big statement pieces and for this season, neon is all the rage. I’ve attempted to wear neon clothing items but I have never found the colors to be very flattering on me, and that is of course why I turn to accessories to take part of the trend in a way that works for me.

I scoured the interwebs to find the 9 best neon bags and I am certain I have a great selection. Including a taste of every color of the rainbow, our favorite designers are splashing their accessories with hues that are sure to be attention-grabbing bags for this season. Click to see the 9 best Neon Bags!

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean gift-giving has ended. There are so many other opportunities for us to shop for ourselves and others, one major event being birthdays. For 2012, we will be making birthday gift guides to help you choose the bag you want to ask for or want to give.

Garnet, the birthstone for January, is a deep red stone that signifies eternal friendship. Many say the stone has a resemblance to a pomegranate seed. The hue of red is deep and alluring, also perfectly fitting for the bitterly cold and often snow-filled weather of January. If you want to give a January baby a great birthday gift, pick from one of these nine handbags that are sure to be a long-lasting handbag to add to her collection. (more…)

It’s upon us, you guys. The holiday shopping season. It keeps starting earlier and earlier, but I refuse even to utter the words “holiday shopping” before Halloween is dead and buried. Today’s date is November 3rd, so I guess it’s time to stop pretending that Christmas isn’t barreling at us at top speed and start thinking about potential gifts. For those of you who refuse to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, I completely understand, but I like to beat the rush.

Today, I’d like to tackle the question of what you buy for a bag lover when your budget isn’t huge. Someone who regularly treats themselves to bags worth four figures is a hard person to shop for, after all, when your target price range for a gift is likely somewhat lower. For me, the perfect answer is a bag charm. All of the ones we’ve chosen can double as a chic key fob if the recipient would rather not hang anything on the outside of her bag, but I’d display any of these proudly. Sometimes it’s fun to make your bag your own. (more…)

To those of you out there who don’t like leopard print, I apologize. Not only are you probably sick of hearing about it by now, but it looks as though it’s going to be a long, long time before the furious din of conversation from the fashion world pipes down. We seem to have latched on to this historically popular print for an inordinately long amount of time, compared to the average trend lifespan.

For those of us who love leopard, on the other hand, cold weather brings it out in spades, particularly on luxuriously printed haircalf. But this winter isn’t about just leopard – all animal prints are getting their moment in the sun, and to help you get started on your search, we present you with Fall 2011’s best animal print bags. (more…)

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