Dear fellow September babies,

I am so sorry. I forgot to put up your birthday gift guide the beginning of this month, and I feel even worse because September is my birthday month too. I celebrated my birthday on the 6th, and since New York Fashion Week started that day, I didn’t get to celebrate yet and I almost entirely forgot. Today it hit me, and although it may be late into the month, there are still plenty of days left for my fellow September babies. If your special day has already passed, then of course you can use the birthday gift money you got to go towards the perfect sapphire handbag.

Sapphire is a great color for bags; a true blue will add a bright color to your wardrobe, and just like blue jeans, blue ends up being a neutral that can be worn with blacks, browns, and everything in between. Click through the jump to see the sapphire handbags I personally would love as my birthday gift this year. (more…)

It wasn’t all that long ago that those of us on the PurseBlog team were shopping for school bags ourselves. I’m the baby of the group, and since it’s August (side note: how?), this marks the fifth anniversary of the very last time I went back-to-school shopping. Despite the advent of things like iPads and Kindles in those intervening years, though, I feel pretty confident that a college student still considers the same things when shopping for a school bag: fashion, function and price. Oh, and will it fit a laptop? Why won’t online retailers tell us if a bag will fit a 15″ laptop?

Rant aside, we’ve made some picks for those of you looking for a school bag (or for those of us who are out of school and just want a casual, cost-effective option for when you need to carry more than usual). We tried to be as price-conscious as possible, considering the generally modest means of students, which means that our picks start at $33 and top out at $695 for a leather Theyskens’ Theory backpack. (So worth it, you guys.) Check out our picks after the jump. (more…)

I have absolutely, positively no idea how it is August. I was staring at the calendar yesterday and realized that this is one of those years when time flies more than usual. The August birthstone is peridot, which appears in only one color, a light green. I’ve never been a huge fan of green handbags, but as I searched for the nine best on the market right now, I started to rethink my aversion to the shade.

Green is such a nice color, it works well whether you have light hair or dark hair and it compliments a variety of skin tones. Also, as much as adding a bright spot during summer is a nice touch, green works well with summer and fall wardrobes. So happy birthday August babies, I’ve rounded up the nine best green handbags in this August Birthday Gift Guide for you to ask for or buy for yourself! (more…)

Of all the things I miss about home now that I live in New York City, being able to shop at Nordstrom is one of the biggest. Manhattan has its own Nordstrom flagship coming in 2018, but obviously that’s far too long for me to wait for my Nordstrom fix, particularly since the much-anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just launched moments ago. Luckily for me (and for all of you), the sale is fully shoppable online, including some seriously covetable bags.

Big online sales can be a bit overwhelming – Where to look first? What if the good stuff is selling out while you’re looking elsewhere? – at first glance, but we’ve taken the liberty of searching through Nordstrom’s discounted bags and picking the best of the pack. If you’re looking for a great new bag on a limited budget, you’re in luck; there are lots of great contemporary designers included and if you shop wisely, you’ll make out like a bandit, usually for less than $500. You can check out our picks after the jump, or if you’re so inclined, skip straight to shopping the full sale via Nordstrom. Shop quickly, though – everything goes back up to full price once the sale is over. (more…)

At first glance, a link between what handbag you choose and how well you endure hot, sticky summer weather seems counterintuitive. You don’t wear a bag, you carry it, so what difference does it make? Well, as anyone who’s been stuck in the heat hauling a giant leather tote or satchel knows, it can make a lot of difference. A bag might not cover you, but it definitely spends a lot of time against your skin and body, and especially when you’re outdoors, even that bit of contact can be majorly annoying as temperatures rise. Not to mention that carrying the extra weight of a bag makes your body work even harder than it already does to cool itself.

The solution? A teeny tiny crossbody. Not only are they lightweight, but you don’t have to carry them against your naked hands and arms or pressed up against your side – just a delicate strap on your shoulder and a little pouch at your hip. Because “teeny tiny” means different things to different people, we’ve rounded up your best options for this summer, all the way from microscopic crossbodies to slightly more medium-sized messengers. Check out our picks after the jump. (more…)

Net-A-Porter never lets me down when it comes to their semi-annual sales. I already scoured the US sale but yesterday the store opened up its International sale. I’ve been searching the site since the sale went live and found what I believe are 9 of the best handbags being offered. From Valentino to Yves Saint Laurent to Bottega Veneta and many more, there is page after page of designer handbags marked down. I am sure by the time you see this post a few of my picks will be sold out, but make sure you click below and shop the entire Net-A-Porter International Sale. It only comes twice a year!

Shop the Net-A-Porter International Sale now!

Last week’s weather in New York City was pretty terrible. There was nothing but rain, fog and stifling humidity for days on end, and even when the sun did peek out, it only served to seemingly boil the moisture in the air. Suffice it to say, my hair was not happy, and neither was the rest of me. Generally, days like those turn New York into a wide swath of dark neutrals – black umbrellas, grey and tan rain coats, black Hunter boots. I just can’t deal with that kind of monochrome city, and naturally, my favorite cure for the rainy day blahs is a sunshine-y bright bag.

And so, we present you with our picks for the seasons best in cheerful yellow. No matter whether the weather where you are is dreary or pristine, yellow provides a jolt like no other. For people who are slow to embrace the shade because it doesn’t flatter their skin tones, a bag is the perfect way to give it a shot – your bag and your tan don’t need to go together in the same way that your clothes need to bring out your best undertones. Check out our full list after the jump. (more…)

Being a mom is a tough, tiring, sometimes-thankless gig. All the way from changing diapers to doing your college-aged kids’ laundry when they come home to visit, moms deserve more credit than they sometimes receive. Compared to how much a great mom can mean to her kids throughout their lives, a once-yearly Mother’s Day gift seems paltry by comparison. Want to make it count? Get her a handbag. A good one.

In addition to everything else, motherhood can complicate a handbag choice. They need to be easy to carry, high-capacity, totally functional, durable and on top of it all, still stylish. We’ve picked eight bags that we think meet those requirements, plus one very special little bag that you should consider if mom really deserves a treat. Check out our picks after the jump! (more…)

As you may have noticed, we didn’t do any posts about “Coachella style” around here. There are a few reasons for that: First, feathers + fringe + denim cutoffs does not = style. You only have to see so many pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in her day to day life before you realize that those sorts of looks don’t work when you’re not stoned in the middle of the desert, which means that I’m not going to try to force them on you, even if it is an easy post to write. Second, Coachella is an event that only a relative handful of people attend every year; isn’t having good summer style overall a much more worthy topic of conversation?

That’s why we’ve created our ode to the best summer bag option of all: the crossbody. Lightweight, completely hands-free and mostly small enough to carry off a bright color or a zany exotic print, you’ll be attached at the hip with the Best Crossbody Bags of Spring 2012 (almost literally) after all of the gossip chatter about celebrities at Coachella has long faded. Music festivals come and go, but a great bag is forever (or at least for a season for two). (more…)

Friends & Family sales are my favorite kind of sale ever. Instead of picking a group of merchandise from the site and giving it a uniform discount, the retailer hands the pricing gun over to its customers and lets us mark down things as we see fit. It’s the best opportunity to get exactly what you want at a discount, and since in-season pieces are included, it’s stuff you can start using immediately instead of putting it aside for when the weather changes.

For reasons that should be entirely obvious to anyone who shops online regularly, the ShopBop Friends & Family Sale is one of our very favorites. ShopBop stocks such an enormous array of pieces, though, that deciding what you want in a timely fashion (before everything good sells out!) can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. If it’s accessories you’re looking for, we’ve already found the best of the best, all of which can be had for 20% off the listed prices via ShopBop with the code INTHEFAMILY20. (more…)

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