September Birthday Gift Guide Sapphire Handbags

Dear fellow September babies,

I am so sorry. I forgot to put up your birthday gift guide the beginning of this month, and I feel even worse because September is my birthday month too. I celebrated my birthday on the 6th, and since New York Fashion Week started that day, I didn’t get to celebrate yet and I almost entirely forgot.

School Bags

It wasn’t all that long ago that those of us on the PurseBlog team were shopping for school bags ourselves. I’m the baby of the group, and since it’s August (side note: how?), this marks the fifth anniversary of the very last time I went back-to-school shopping.

August Birthday Handbag Gift Guide

I have absolutely, positively no idea how it is August. I was staring at the calendar yesterday and realized that this is one of those years when time flies more than usual. The August birthstone is peridot, which appears in only one color, a light green.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Of all the things I miss about home now that I live in New York City, being able to shop at Nordstrom is one of the biggest. Manhattan has its own Nordstrom flagship coming in 2018, but obviously that’s far too long for me to wait for my Nordstrom fix, particularly since the much-anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just launched moments ago.


At first glance, a link between what handbag you choose and how well you endure hot, sticky summer weather seems counterintuitive. You don’t wear a bag, you carry it, so what difference does it make? Well, as anyone who’s been stuck in the heat hauling a giant leather tote or satchel knows, it can make a lot of difference.


Net-A-Porter never lets me down when it comes to their semi-annual sales. I already scoured the US sale but yesterday the store opened up its International sale. I’ve been searching the site since the sale went live and found what I believe are 9 of the best handbags being offered.


Last week’s weather in New York City was pretty terrible. There was nothing but rain, fog and stifling humidity for days on end, and even when the sun did peek out, it only served to seemingly boil the moisture in the air.


Being a mom is a tough, tiring, sometimes-thankless gig. All the way from changing diapers to doing your college-aged kids’ laundry when they come home to visit, moms deserve more credit than they sometimes receive. Compared to how much a great mom can mean to her kids throughout their lives, a once-yearly Mother’s Day gift seems paltry by comparison.

As you may have noticed, we didn’t do any posts about “Coachella style” around here. There are a few reasons for that: First, feathers + fringe + denim cutoffs does not = style. You only have to see so many pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in her day to day life before you realize that those sorts of looks don’t work when you’re not stoned in the middle of the desert, which means that I’m not going to try to force them on you, even if it is an easy post to write.

Friends & Family sales are my favorite kind of sale ever. Instead of picking a group of merchandise from the site and giving it a uniform discount, the retailer hands the pricing gun over to its customers and lets us mark down things as we see fit.