Gucci Lady Stirrup Top Handle Carminio Red Leather Bag | $4,650 via Gucci
This Lady is MY new lady, as she is one of the most beautiful bags I have laid my eyes on. Gucci is bringing back their icons and this version of the Stirrup is a magnificent accessory if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Lorie

    I want the Coach bag SO MUCH.

  • Steph from The Shoulder Strap

    I do like the new Empreinte Speedy, but I was really surprised to not see the Sofia Coppola bag in burgundy on this list! Love burgundy though. So happy we’re heading into fall!

  • MamaM

    I saw this bag at Macy’s yesterday and it was really nice. It has an outside pocket on the back (I have to have an outside pocket) He has some other bags in burgundy and they’re a bit softer than this one. I love burgundy!

  • q80 Highstreet

    Add Alexander McQueen clutch to the list! Just got one and can’t get enough of it!

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