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  • Donna

    It’s a hard choice between the Bottega Veneta and the Gucci.

  • shueaddict

    halloween or not the Prada looks a little too scary for me. I am in love with the Valentino stud collection, I thought I’d be over the studs by now but no … still there.

  • Zala Yamato

    Balenciaga for sure.

  • quinn

    definitely the balenciaga

  • ah

    marni <3 bottega <3 valentino <3

  • Not a fan of Gucci, but that 1970 tote is just amazing! <3

  • balenciaga colors go well for Halloween. I wasn’t big fan of the design on it but bag itself is nice.

  • elle

    I just feel like orange and black should not exist together anywhere, at any time…and this includes haute couture bags.

  • dnfl

    prada is a bit gaudy

  • I love how the Louboutin just got ignored. Nobody even dissed it, haha!

  • Alice Gu

    ooo I love the moyna chevron beaded clutch!

  • pixiegirlie

    I’ve been eying that Valentino for a while, but the price tag hurts!

  • jenny

    i think the only one I’d carry is the Alexander Wang. Although I’m not sure how its Halloween themed

  • Pouch Key

    sometimes its great to have your belongings on you hands free, this is where the awesome pocket garter comes in

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