I forgot to give the June birthdays some loving, but I’m hoping these beautiful ruby red bags will make everyone happy, especially our July birthday babies! A red bag is an instant statement piece and we’ve found some of the best bags that work both for our July birthday gift guide and anyone looking to add a red bag to their collection.

From a studded backpack to a red leopard bag to a classic and sleek evening bag, click below to see the best red bags that are out there right now!

When I spoke to Net-a-Porter fashion director Holli Rodgers a few weeks ago regarding Pre-Fall and Fall 2013′s big accessories trends, she expressed a bit of a reticence toward animal prints, and leopard in particular. In fact, Rodgers reported that she had tried to make it through the whole buying season without adding any leopard-print bags to the Net-a-Porter fall roster, although that didn’t quite come to pass. She may not be the only person who’s experiencing a bit of animal print fatigue; pre-fall and fall collections still feature plenty of animal bags, but many of them have a less aggressive feel than in seasons past.

With the notable exception of Gucci Fall 2013, animal prints, including leopard, zebra, giraffe and snake, feel more subtle in a variety of ways. On some bags, the materials are now implemented as trim instead of as the main attraction; on others, the contrast had been dialed down to make the print look paler than it might have been in past seasons. The most extreme example, of course, is tonal leopard, where only a difference in texture makes the print apparent. Check out the best examples of the trend below, and let us know – do you still love animal prints or are you ready for something new?

Happy May! We are already a few days in, but so far, May has gotten off to a great start with the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo. And for all you birthday girls, your birthstone is the lovely emerald and this color looks amazing on handbags. From a true green to a bit of a deeper hue, a green handbag is great to add to your wardrobe as it works well for those who wear brown and black and every color in between.

From funky clutches to sophisticated everyday bags, we’ve rounded up the best emerald green handbags for this year’s May Birthday Gift Guide! (more…)

I wish it were an April Fool’s joke that April is already here, but it’s not. 2013 is flying by, and while I sometimes wish it would slow down, I’m also ready for Mother Nature to bring on spring and warm weather, please! A new month also means a new slew of birthdays, and I think April birthday babies are pretty lucky – their birthstone is the coveted diamond.

When it comes to finding a great gift for an April birthday gal or guy, anything with an actual diamond is always welcomed, and we have some of the best handbags to match with your new diamond earrings. From a little sparkly bling to a classic white bag, our April birthday gift guide for 2013 is ready for your perusal!

March is one of my favorite birthday months because it’s Vlad’s birthday, and I love my friends’ and family’s birthdays as much, if not more, than my own. I always try to find the best gift for others, and although making this guide isn’t going to help me pick a gift for Vlad, it may help you pick something for your March birthday friends.

With the end of dreary winter months, I love the color aquamarine. It works beautifully with warm winter whites and will seamlessly transition into spring as well. This might be my new favorite color for handbags, so even if you’re birthday isn’t in March, this birthday gift guide may still be for you. (more…)

February is one of the busiest months I will experience this entire year, from moving into a new office (YAY!) to Fashion Week, this month is jam packed. I don’t want to leave out our birthday girls who celebrate a February birthday however, so here is the post you are expecting. I know Valentine’s Day falls this month as well, and if you love a purple handbag, which I consider a great neutral, then this guide works too. I hope all the significant others out there are busy shopping for fabulous gifts, and what better way to help than with this gift guide of amethyst handbags.

One of the toughest victories in fashion is wearing a genuinely odd piece without looking like it’s wearing you. Such a feat requires great attention to detail and a sharp sense of styling; if the elements don’t fit together properly, the entire look topples over. It also requires, of course, the taste and willingness necessary to pick the perfect eccentric piece. When all of those things come together, you’ll never see a better outfit.

If you’ve had your fill of the basics and have your bag bases covered when it comes to both neutrals and brights, maybe it’s time to indulge your inner oddball. We’ve got a few bag-centric suggestions, of course, but this is one of those times when you have to listen to your instincts and only your instincts, because your brain will put the kibosh on most of this stuff before your creativity can even kick in to full gear. Check out our picks below or let us know what ill-advised bag you’re currently lusting after in the comments.

For the first time this winter, it is really, genuinely, bone-chillingly cold in New York City. Yesterday, I got my puffer coat out of the closet for the first time since last winter; I had been surviving since November on just a wool coat, but sub-20-degree temperatures made me a holdout no longer. Today isn’t any better.

To add insult to injury, all of the resort and spring arrivals look so bright and cheery that sometimes I forget the frigidity waiting for me outside my windows. It’s even sunny out there, but the sun is a lie! So, why not make it a little sunnier in here? Yellow handbags are a huge trend for spring, and a good one can make me feel warmer by merely gazing upon it. Join me to gaze below.

Now that Spring 2013 bags are starting to show up for pre-order all over the Internet, it’s time that we started talking about the season’s biggest trends so that we can all begin the delicate process of planning our seasonal handbag purchases. (I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t admit that at least half of the time, they’re a result of spontaneous lust instead of sound budgeting and a realistic appraisal of my existing wardrobe.)

If you’ve been studying your handbag textbook, you know that spring’s huge black and white trend has been a long time coming. Megs touched on a few bags that fit the bill back in September, and the new season brings exponentially more options for everyone who likes the crisp, modern, totally neutral look of a black and white bag. Check out our picks (for all price ranges) below.

I love a new year, it means a fresh start. I’m just finishing up putting all my gifts away and reorganizing my closet, but for some people, January means their birthday. I feel a little bad for those folks, mostly because it seems like their birthdays are an afterthought to the holidays. But don’t fret all you January birthday babies, we have rounded up the best garnet handbags for you to ask for this year.

Garnet is one of my favorite birthstones, the red hue is perfect for the cold months of January and a great red bag will amp up your wardrobe. Happy birthday January babies, we know this gift guide will help you nab the perfect gift for yourself!

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