Weekend Outfit October 25

I have very specific ideas about what I want to wear this fall. To a certain extent, that’s true of me all the time – I’m one of those fashion people who has developed a bit of a personal uniform for herself after a couple of years in the business, and in the past six months in particular, I’ve become very good at focusing my personal purchases only on things that really make me feel like me.

Bag Deals October 25

We’re in the thick of fall now (I know that’s true because I finally wore a sweater to work yesterday), and most of you can probably feel the second big sale season of the year coming down the pipe.

Marchesa Lily Crystal Embroidered Box Clutch

There’s both a roughness and relief to Fridays. On the one hand, we’ve made it this far and the weekend is within shouting distance. On the other, quite significant hand, we’re not there yet. It’s about lunchtime on the East Coast, which means that some of you are probably starting to wonder how long after lunch you’ll have to wait before you can believably feign food poisoning and leave early.

Nicky Hilton carries an Hermes Constance Bag in LA (5)

Nicky Hilton has added a new bag to her stash, and it’s an Hermes bag – quelle surprise! Here she is, getting her nails done in Beverly Hills with a cheery red Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag in tow.

Instagram WIYB Roundup October 24
In My Bag

This week on our Instagram feed, we saw tons of totes and satchels filled with printed pouches, beauty essentials and Karen Walker sunglasses. But as the temperatures begin to drop, we’re expecting bigger bags filled with all your winter accessories.

Louis Vuitton Store
Louis Vuitton

We’ve been following along with the story of Louis Vuitton’s very publicly shifting accessories strategy very closely, and each time we update you on it, you guys have a lot to say. The story and Vuitton’s attitudes toward its customers bring out a lot of opinions, both for and against the brand’s attempts to shift its focus to a more leather-centric, higher-dollar customer, but we’ve never asked you guys straight-up whether or not the shift has affected your own purchasing behavior.

Barneys Purple Card Event 2013Getting a little extra gift when you buy something for yourself is always fun, but it’s even better when that gift is more money to spend on fab handbags, shoes and clothes. That’s exactly what you’ll get at the Barneys New York Purple Card Event 2013 – for almost every $250 you spend on purchases at Barneys, you’ll get $25 back to use to treat yo’self at a later date. If you’ve had a bag on your mind, now’s the time; you know those gift cards will come in handy for holiday shopping.

Shop the Barneys Purple Card Event 2013 Now!

The Many Bags of the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

It can be oddly easy to forget that stars are actually people. The vast majority of famous folks conduct their private lives in ways that aren’t all too unfamiliar – they decorate for the holidays, they take their kids to fun activities on the weekends, they gather up for family photos.


It’s been a big week for luxury theft in the news. First, a woman in England was found guilty of stealing nearly 1,000 designer handbags, one by one, over a period of three years. If that weren’t enough, yesterday came word that an entire Hermes collection had been stolen off the back of a truck in Milan, forcing the cancellation of an Hermes press preview that had been scheduled.

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (1)
Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad – $395

I’ve been super excited to share the bag I designed with Mackage, and the time is finally here! We’re pleased to introduce the Mackage x PurseBlog Nomad Bag, which I helped design with the hectic lives of modern women in mind.

Mary-Kate Olsen carries The Row's Alligator Backpack and The Row's Carry All Tote in Alligator (5)

Mary-Kate Olsen recently carried a staggering $80k(ish) worth of assets in plain sight through LAX…in the form of two alligator bags from her own designer label, The Row. Here she is, about to be engulfed by the paps, carrying both the $34,000 The Row Alligator Backpack and The Row Alligator Carry All Tote.

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