Roberto Cavalli Floral Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bags

To be perfectly honest, I don’t pay all that much attention to Roberto Cavalli. In my head, I associate the Italian machismo-machine more with yacht parties and tiger-print silk caftans than with clothes and accessories that are relevant to my own (urban, slightly tomboyish) personal style, and I’m probably pretty far from his target customer.

Taylor Swift carries a green Christian Louboutin tote in West Hollywood (5)
Celebrity Style

Taylor Swift is not someone who pops up on PB very frequently, despite the fact that she does lay claim to a respectable designer bag stash. And yet, here’s Taylor leaving the gym in West Hollywood carrying a dark green Christian Louboutin Farida Tote – a bag I personally think is pretty underrated, though I definitely prefer the Farida in its multi-tone variations.

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  • Tom Ford Natalia Shoulder Bag
  • Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats
  • Saint Laurent Curtis Fringed Suede Jacket
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Woman Profiled for Buying Celine at Barneys

For an experience that’s supposed to be so lovely and luxurious, shopping for fashion can be everything from frustrating to dehumanizing, and it can be those things all too often for some shoppers. Over the past week, Barneys’ New York flagship store has been hit by allegations that it surreptitiously called the cops on two paying customers for nothing other than having the temerity to be black while buying something expensive.

The Coach Complete Look

If its Fall 2013 collection is any indication, Coach would like you to reconsider your ideas of what kind of brand it is. That applies to everyone, both fans and skeptics, and Coach is prepared to back up that request with everything from brand new, totally chic handbags to lines of outerwear and leather apparel that are so sophisticated and luxurious-looking that they would be right at home on a front-row Fashion Week attendee.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale October 2013I’ve never understood people who claim to hate surprises; there’s nothing better than being caught off guard by something exciting, and that’s exactly what happened this morning when we encountered the Kate Spade Surprise Sale. Markdowns reach up to 75% on an awesome selection of Spade’s handbags, accessories, jewelry and apparel, so suffice it to say that you won’t find prices better than these anywhere else. Shop quickly, though – the sale ends October 30, 2013.

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Minimalist Bags

If brevity is the soul of wit, minimalism might be the soul of elegance. After season upon season of rococo embellishment, studs, beading, embroidery, print, fur and exotics, fashion feels like it’s ready for something a little simpler and a little less look-at-me.

Look for Less Prada Alice and Olivia Jeweled Clutches
Evening Bags

Intellectually, I’m aware that all designer handbags are overpriced, but I have the hardest time grappling with the prices of small, sparkly bags. At least with a big leather or exotic tote, you can see your money in the physical size and materials of the thing.

Ashley Benson carries a black Saint Laurent bag in West Hollywood (5)
Celebrity Style

Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson was recently spotted leaving La Conversation Cafe in West Hollywood with an unidentified pooch companion. If her bag is giving you a little deja vu, you’re not alone – that’s the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Bag, and yes, it’s very much like a Saint Laurent Birkin.

Saint Laurent Metallic Toy Duffel
Saint Laurent

Despite the fact that Saint Laurent bags confuse me at times, I’m actually a huge fan of the smaller versions of the brand’s duffel bags; they’re adorable, and compared to the slightly larger options, the price point is pretty good.

Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo Bag

For many of us, Halloween was probably our first occasion to go out into the world clutching a bag. It might have been a bag meant for candy instead of a purse for our daily necessities, but a relationship to accessories has to start somewhere, and it might as well be with a sack full of chocolate and sugar.

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