Charlotte Olympia Watermelon Clutch

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love nail art. I’m by no means a nail art guru (in fact, far from it), but over the past year I’ve been able to teach myself to steady my hand and try out some different manicures to accessorize my nails.

This week’s perfect pair comes as the last bit of summer ends.

Bloomingdales Big Brown Bag Sale

We always love it when the sale goes on sale, and that’s exactly what’s happening starting today at the Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag Sale. You can take an extra 20% off a great selection of sale merchandise, including tons of handbags – all you have to do is enter code TAKE20 at checkout! Shop quickly, though – this offer, like summer itself, only lasts through September 2.

What's In Elyse Walker's Bag (1)

Versus Black Leather Safety Pin Shoulder Bag

While we take this week to enjoy the last gasps of the summer, we’re also looking toward fall, and we bet that you are as well. To that end, we did some thinking about what handbag everyone really needs to have in her closet for Fall 2013, and there’s really only one answer: a crazy one. If it’s outside of your comfort zone, that’s the bag you should buy.

Celebrity Handbag Moments Summer 2013

Summer is coming to a close, which is terrible for a number of reasons – first and foremost because I only just found a swimsuit I actually like a mere two weeks ago. But also, your opportunities for music festival hooliganism, beach frolicking, and Hamptons weekend getaways are all about to vanish, like so many autumn leaves. Fall has its own charms, of course, but before we break out the light sweaters, it’s important that we pay proper homage to the best and the brightest celebrity handbag moments of Summer 2013.

PurseBlog Summer Break

We know some of you are already back into the fall grind with work or school, but this week is PurseBlog and TalkShoes Summer Break. We are shutting down our computers to take the week off and disperse around the country, from Florida, to Atlanta, to Montauk, to an NYC staycation. We will be bringing you some great stories daily throughout the week, but at a more limited rate.

Bedroom and Hermes

Welcome to our last PurseForum Roundup of August! The PurseBlog staff is taking a little holiday next week and will have special content every day for your reading pleasure, but look for us right back here in September. This week, we took in the sights in the Jewelry Box, Home and Garden, and of course The Kitchen. We also have some reveals from Louis Vuitton to accompany our sightseeing, so come on along!

Sophia Bush carries a Coach x Krink tote in Beverly Hills (5)

Sophia Bush has been on a bag roll lately – two weeks ago, we spotted her with an extremely covetable apple green Balenciaga City Bag, and here she is dashing around Beverly Hills with a Coach x KRINK Leather Weekend Tote. “KRINK”, FYI, is chosen moniker of street artist Craig Costello. Even on a leather Coach tote, his work seems slightly too gritty for Beverly Hills.

Louis Vuitton W Bag (5)

Actually, this is a bit of a re-introduction or, perhaps, a formal introduction. Many of you have already seen the new Louis Vuitton W Bag in the arms of Michelle Williams, who stars in the brand’s fall handbag ads, but now we have a close-up look at all five versions of the bag, which is one of Vuitton’s marquee new pieces for Fall 2013.

Bag Deals August 23

It’s our last bag deals of summer! (More on the special stuff we have coming up next week a little bit later.) Although the season technically lasts well into September, psychologically, our beach-going stops at Labor Day weekend. Although this is not exactly gangbusters sale season, we still spent a little time gallivanting around the Internet to find you the best handbag markdowns around, and we think this should cover you until we’re back to our normal bag-dealin’ in two Fridays.

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