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We have nearly breezed through spring, PurseForum Roundup fans, and are barreling headlong into summer. This week included a holiday of remembrance that also brought with it lots of shopping. We hope you did the former, and we know many of you did the latter.

Ashley Greene carries a Coach Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote (5)

Twilight actress Ashley Greene was recently spotted ducking into a nail salon in LA with a Coach Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote on her arm. Coach’s Bleeker line is actually a series of glove-tanned leather bags, briefcases, and travel accessories for dudes, but I kind of feel like they missed the mark on “manly” here.

Best Internet Bag Deals May 31
Bag Deals

We’ve been obsessed with bag deals all week long (or for the last 10 days, actually – I still have fond memories of Memorial Day’s sale codes), but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to quit just yet.

Rihanna and her Celine Roll Clutch Bag

Love her or not, Rihanna seems to be on all of our screens at all times. The singer makes waves for everything from her musical career to her personal life to her fashion sense, and we are there to follow along.

Saint Laurent and Maiyet Black Shoulder Bags
Bag Battles

When I first saw the Maiyet Sophie Shoulder Bag, I spent a couple hours turning it over in the back of my mind, trying to remember what exactly it reminded me of. There was something about the hardware, but I couldn’t exactly place why it seemed familiar.

Hugh Jackman Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall 55 Bandouliere

Do not adjust your television set. There is nothing wrong with your web browser. Your eyes do not deceive you, today’s featured bag-loving celeb is…a man. And what a man! Here’s Hugh Jackman in full-on Wolverine mode, tossing his Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere 55 Bag into a taxi in NYC.

Kenzo Patchwork Leather and Twill Shoulder Bag
Bag Deals

We’ve spent the past few days in a frenzy of markdowns, seasonal sales and coupon codes, and now that we feel like we’ve scoured every corner of the Internet for great discount handbags, we figured that it was time to take a breather and see where things stand right now.

Z Spoke Zac Posen Eartha Python Print Satchel

We talk about this from time to time, but there is perhaps nothing more difficult in handbag design than creating an attainably priced bag that looks as conspicuously expensive as the ultra-premium bags that contemporary customers lust after.

The Many Bags of the Cannes Film Festival Attendees

Do you understand the Cannes Film Festival? I’m not sure that I do. On the surface, I can grok that it’s a place where films both American and international are debuted to a critical audience of industry folks, and the best ones are given awards.

Givenchy on Rue La LaRight now, Givenchy handbags are hotter than ever – not only have they been seen on the arms of practically every fashionable star on the planet, but the designs themselves are enough to make even the most stoic accessories lover get a little lustful. Today, we’re happy to let you know that Rue La La has a great selection of Givenchy bags at a discount, but as always, you have to hurry – these bags disappear from stores at full price, so you can image how quickly they’ll fly off the virtual shelves when marked down.

Shop Givenchy Handbags on Rue La La Now!

Fendi Brazil Baguette Bag

While there have been plenty of recent designs that continue to place Fendi firmly on our handbag radar, none has had such a lasting influence and effect on fashion as the Baguette. No matter how many new bags follow, there is something so special about the Baguette that makes it continue to shine as the star of the Fendi show.

Diane Kruger carries a 3.1 Phillip Lim Scout Floral Shoulder Bag (5)

Here’s an adorably dressed Diane Kruger at producer Joel Silver’s MASSIVE Memorial Day celeb pool party, which must’ve been literally swamped with celebrities, based on all the pics littering the online gossip rags today. Diane paired a 3.1 Phillip Lim Scout Floral Shoulder Bag with her polka dot button-down shirt and tweed-esque skirt.

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