For part of Memorial Day weekend, Vlad and I hopped over to the Hamptons to kick off summer. We didn’t have the best weather, most definitely not sunbathing weather, so instead we walked the beach …

The Many Bags of Jessica Alba

After a few years of writing daily posts at BagThatStyle, I’ve found celebrities toward whose pictures I always gravitate when I’m looking for things to write about. All celebrities carry a great bag from time …

Reed Krakoff

Anyone who’s stepped foot inside the accessories section of a department store in the past few months has probably realized that bright colors are a certifiable Thing (with a capital “T”) for Summer 2012, and …

First, a confession: I got distracted by the ABC special about the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee last night and forgot that Real Housewives of Orange County came on at nine, so we’re going to have a bullet-pointed recap today, similar to what I sometimes do for Housewives reunions. I’m on vacation this week, gimme a break!

Still, last night’s episode wasn’t heavy on plot, so I think you’ll find that doing it this way almost as satisfying. There were a bunch of things worth discussing, but the order in which they happened wasn’t particularly important. So, after the jump, you’ll find a quasi-chronological roundup of about a zillion things that I’d like to talk about from last night. Mostly, though, I just wanna snark on Vicki and Alexis. (more…)


As some of you have probably read, there’s a set of photos going around the Internet that purport to show Clint Eastwood’s 19-year-old daughter Francesca Eastwood chewing on, sawing in half and then setting ablaze …

Bag Deals

Guys, I am seriously so overwhelmed and excited by the semi-annual Net-A-Porter sale that I can’t contain myself! Vlad and I stayed up super late to make sure we could post the sale right when …

Kim Kardashian with mustache
TV Show Recaps

Ah, the Kardashians. Week after week, they remind me how wonderful, awful, and insufferably inane family can be – all within the course of an hour. This week, Kim K and the Baby Jenners are …

9 Things

Last week’s weather in New York City was pretty terrible. There was nothing but rain, fog and stifling humidity for days on end, and even when the sun did peek out, it only served to …

I’m on a major jewelry kick lately and have been obsessively adding to my collection. Made Her Think is a brand I have been watching closely, especially after seeing the brand’s jewelry walk down the runway a few times for Rebecca Minkoff. With a spunky appeal including thorn accents and black diamonds, this brand is the epitome of rock-and-roll chic.

Shop Made Her Think on MyHabit now!

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2013 Handbags (9)

At PurseBlog, 3.1 Phillip Lim is one of our personal favorite handbag lines. Lim’s bags are modern, aesthetically impeccable, and best of all, rarely cost more than $1000. If you’re looking for an incredibly chic …

For fashionistas worldwide there’s one twice-yearly sale for which we all anxiously wait. It’s the Net-A-Porter Semi-Annual Sale, of course, and it’s by far one of the most exciting things that happens in the online retail world. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this sale for both myself and to share with you, simply because there are so many items I have been coveting and now they are marked down. This is a post that does not need explanation, and we will be sharing our favorite picks with you later. But for now, don’t miss out and shop the amazing Net A Porter Sale!!

Shop the Net-A-Porter Semi-Annual Sale!

Mad Men (4)
TV Show Recaps

Mad Men does a lot of things well, but one of the show’s greatest skills that’s rarely ever mentioned is its ability and willingness to make its audience genuinely uncomfortable. My personality tends to run …

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