Rebecca Minkoff has expanded her growing collection to incorporate small accessories as a staple. Her upcoming line of tech accessories is entirely cool (more to come on that soon), but one of her most sought-after designs is her pouches. The simplistic coin wallet is turned into the Rebecca Minkoff cool girl must-have with quirky wording on the front.

This is my new favorite pouch, in coral bubble leather, that reads “My diet starts tomorrow!” on the front. With summer knocking at our doorsteps, this is an entirely true saying for many of us right now. (more…)

Mad Men
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Do any of you remember the first time that you realized that the world could be a thoroughly disappointing place? I don’t remember the specific instance, but I do remember the sensation, and every time some aspect of my life spirals beyond my ability to control it, I’m right back in that moment, disenchanted all over again.

Sample Sales

Sample sales are one of the greatest shopping advantages that New Yorkers have, and starting tomorrow, we have one that bag lovers are going to want to check out. Our friends at Botkier are having their first offline sample sale in quite sometime, and if you’re able to stop by, you can score 50-70% off true samples, exclusive styles and some of your Botkier favorites.

Just like Hermes bag collectors, those who love Hermes scarves patiently wait to track down the ultimate scarf of their dreams. It’s easy to see why: Hermes is known for its gorgeous patterns and divine colors on its silk work. MyHabit pulled scarves from past and present for this archive event. All goes live at 12 pm EST.

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I’ve always been attracted to the idea of a briefcase. Perhaps its because they’re the most prototypical of the masculine bags, or perhaps they’re intriguing to me because they’re the type of accessory I’m least likely to ever carry myself.

Hermes Rocking Horse

From time to time, we like to take a look at some of the lesser-known products that the world’s biggest brands stock on their websites. From pencils to flasks to wine accouterments, Hermes has always excelled at these nifty little pieces, and the brand certainly has a following that’s dedicated enough to snap up whatever it is it manufactures in order to round out their collections.

Balenciaga Arena Classic Toile Ray Work

Megs and I? Balenciaga fangirls. Even our new marketing director Hilary is getting in on the act – a Balencaiga Giant City Bag was the first thing added to her wardrobe after she joined our team a few months ago.

Coach Men's Bags

No, you haven’t traveled in some kind of time warp back to Monday. (How cruel would that be?) Yes, these are man bags. Just like men’s oversized watches, oxfords and loafers have become a trendy (not to mention totally chic) option for women in recent years, a men’s bag can also add a fresh, slightly unexpected element to an ensemble.

Chloe Angie Shoulder Bag

Ever since Clare Waight Keller took the top creative spot at Chloe, I’ve been an unrepentant fangirl. Waight Keller has required an incredibly short turnaround time to set the brand back on a chic path that many had felt it lost after the exit of Phoebe Philo several years ago, and the collections, from ready-to-wear to accessories to shoes, have all improved by leaps and bounds in just over a year.

Bravo did it to us again last night. Instead of making one episode about the buildup to a not-particularly-interesting event and then the event itself, they promised they’d do that, and then they split it into two. That means that we watched a bunch of people doing absolutely nothing last night while they waited around for Gretchen to perform in Vegas, and then she didn’t actually perform. Next week! Next week, they promise. In the meantime, Heather went on an audition and everyone else did things that I can’t even remember now, 14 hours after the show aired. That’s how much those things didn’t matter.

And as a bit of a housekeeping note, I thought I’d mention that I’m indeed not recapping the New Jersey housewives this season. Not only does it conflict with Mad Men, but interest in the Housewives shows in general seem to be down, both here and elsewhere on the Internet. The last season of Real Housewives that you guys really seemed to care about was Beverly Hills, so after this season is over, we’re taking a Housewives hiatus until it comes around again. And now, on to the recap. (more…)

Chanel Shell Minaudieres

Megs and I recently gave you guys a rundown of the season’s best wedding bags, both traditional and quirky, but there’s one little clutch that we didn’t include because we couldn’t decide which category it would belong in.

The Row 15

I’m betting that you all remember the agony and the ecstasy that resulted from The Row releasing a $33,000 alligator backpack as part of its Spring 2012 collection. Some people gushed over it and media outlets reported that the piece sold out, but most of the accessories community gave the bag’s astronomical price tag a heavy eye-roll; it takes a good bit of nerve for a brand as new as The Row to go around demanding those kinds of prices, even if you think the bags are beautiful.

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