Afternoon forecast: Parachuting squirrels with fluorescent tweed.

I’ve had my eye on this clutch all day. Ever since I fell in love with the Botkier James Leather Hobo I’ve been on the look out for other bags with a similar color scheme. So, I’ve found the color I like and in a smaller version. Now, I can’t decide which one I like more. There is something oh so cute and clutch-worthy about this bag that I really think I might have to snag it for myself. (more…)

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  • Saint Laurent Medium Denim Shoulder Bag
  • Frame Denim Le High Flare High Rise Jeans
  • Tom Ford Natalia Shoulder Bag
  • Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats
  • Saint Laurent Curtis Fringed Suede Jacket
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I’m not sure where to begin because I’m not entirely sure that anything happened. I had a nearly impossible time paying attention to this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, and I’m not even on my post-surgery Vicodin anymore (well, every now and then, but that’s just between us).

Well, Tamra licked Simon’s face. That happened. God help us all.

Lynn continued to get kicked out of her house, Gretchen pretended to be a business woman, Alexis escorted her mom into her first plastic surgery procedure, Vicki was a hypocrite and Tamra drank a lot. It was par for the nauseating course in the OC last night, and I just don’t think it’s enough to keep me coming back for much longer. (more…)

Adding a burst of color, the Bottega Veneta Lizard Knot Clutch is the perfect companion. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,980.

How do you guys feel about multicolored python? I haven’t seen it enough to call it a “trend” with any accuracy, but bags made out of such fabrics have appeared from several designers over the past few seasons, and I’m still not sure exactly how much I like it. Or maybe, how much I dislike it. My feelings aren’t entirely positive.

Of the bags that use this technique, however, the Michele Lily Python-Embossed Clutch isn’t so bad. I could even imagine a few situations in which it might go with an outfit rather nicely. (more…)

If you love the Valentino aesthetic but can’t justify shelling out two grand (or far more) for one of their plush, ladylike bags full of bows, ruffles and flowers, I may have a viable alternative for you.

The Villador Carpetto Bow Bag has a couple of Valentino’s most obvious signatures – drool-worthy leather and an oversized bow placed proudly for all to see – without being a ripoff. It’ll also run you about half of what Valentino’s most basic bags usually cost, and who can’t get behind that? (more…)

You know, when it comes to handbags and the reviews we do here on PurseBlog, we can be all over the place. Sometimes we (me, Megs, Amanda and Anna) can be in complete agreement and other times we don’t see eye to eye at all. This all makes sense, of course, because, well, we all have different likes and dislikes. (I know, I am stating the obvious here, just bare with me.)

However, I feel as though we tend to be most polar on our view points with some of the big time designers, like Valentino. But, when it comes to Valentino, Amanda said it best in her review of the Valentino Laceland Tote when she said is not completely comfortable claiming she loves or hates a given Valentino creation. I feel the same exact way. (more…)

We keep talking about spring trends in handbags, clearly there are many. We have brought you stories on denim and perforated leather, and today I will tell you about another trend; floral patterns. Typically we would cover this Coach bag on PurseBlog Savvy, but I actually wanted to feature this on PurseBlog.

Coach bags receive quite a bit of flack from many handbag enthusiasts. And while this may be the case, Coach continues to be the brand that starts many people’s handbag obsession on their way into other brands while remaining the go-to brand for many as well. In fact, my first bag was a Coach bag. (more…)

I’d like to give a round of applause. I am beyond thrilled to see a new Linea Pelle bag. No, it’s more than that. I am so happy to see a new LP bag AND I am equally happy to see a bright and bold color being used!

Frankly, I’ve never found fault with Linea Pelle bags. I’ve seen way too many of them and have been pleased each time. But this time, this brilliantly gorgeous blue color has me absolutely fixated and saying “mommy wants”. (more…)

I have no problem admitting I wasn’t born with the innate desire to own designer handbags. My handbag addiction is one that has developed over time. In fact, I blame Megs. She’s always been interested in the newest, hottest and most fabulous handbags out there. So, over time, I began to take note as well.

But now, looking back, I really could have used a handbag intervention at a much earlier age. I continue to come across bags that would have been ideal for my high school or college years. This bag is one of them. (more…)

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