I continue to love the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. The bags are beating out the overly gaudy and overly heavy Marc Jacobs bags and adding a look that is so much more appealing. Even these boots in the ad, amazing!

This is the second time today that I came across a handbag that made me say, “oh-la-la”. And actually, I said “oh-la-la” about the same thing. There is absolutely something that I can’t get enough of about this bag.

We’ve been covering a few LAI handbags recently. Personally, I tend to link most of them. This particular clutch is no exception. In all honesty, the first thing I said when I saw this handbag was “oh-la-la”.

We’ve featured a few bags by Mad Imports, and they have done it again with this awesome Mad Imports Tusk Nairobi Handbag. Mad Imports is a one-of-a-kind handbag brand; they collaborate with artisans in Madagascar and Kenya, making handbags from only renewable materials.

I have an unnatural, unhealthy, all-encompassing obsession with and love for zebra print. I’m moving into a new apartment in the not-distant future, and I have scoured the internet in search of the perfect zebra-print pillows for my bedroom (I’ve got a scarlet comforter and black sheets – wouldn’t that be cute?) and a similarly patterned shower curtain (Target has one, but it’s $25 and I’m cheap about stuff like that).

Cruise show season is kind of odd – instead of having a proper Fashion Week where all of the collections are presented together, they’re released slowly in shows around America and Europe, each with very different backdrops and moods.

I’m of two minds about the Coach Poppy patent Starlet Satchel. At first glance, I like that Coach did something with it that doesn’t scream “Hello, I’m a Coach bag!” I’m not sure exactly what is making it look different to me, perhaps it’s the bold combination of color and finish, but it looks like the brand’s designers stepped out of their normal (and maybe a bit bland) design parameters.

Sometimes you look at a bag and know immediately what it reminds you of, without having to give it much thought or effort. Those are my favorite bags – it’s like they come with a blog post built-in for my convenience!

I have no idea why they have called this a messenger bag when it is clearly an oversized clutch with an optional shoulder strap. Nevertheless, here is the Miu Miu Quilted Suede Messenger Bag which is clearly getting fall on our minds.

Junior Drake is a brand that we’ve only touched on twice in the past on PurseBlog Savvy, but from what I’ve been seeing lately, that may have been a big oversight on our part. I’m a big fan of brands that use the texture of leather that they appear to prefer (it looks similar to what Kooba uses on their softer purses).