Help me out here. Is this a hit or a miss? Usually I would ask that towards the end of my rant, but it is at the forefront of my mind. I came across the Emilio Pucci Frame Bag and I’ve done nothing but go back and forth between love it and hate it.

Jackie CawthraThe Spring has been a very busy time for us here at Purse Blog. And as we are lucky enough to work with fabulous designers and brands, there is one thing that I continue to notice; it is a busy time for them as well.

Wow. I might be totally wrong here, but I like it, I actually really like it. The Rafe Blake Leather Hobo is a fantastic handbag with a bit of an edge to it. Italian waxed cowhide, shiny nickel studs and rivet details work well together to bring you that edge I speak of.

Oh Christian Louboutin how you intrigue me, time and time again. We’ve had countless mini-debates about what we think about CL handbags. For the most part the feedback I get is that CL shoes are totally amazing while CL handbags, although sometimes amazing, are always a bit overpriced.

Lockheart Bags

Purse Forum has been buzzing about Lockheart bags recently and I can see why. Jennifer Tash and Trang Huynh are the founders of Lockheart, whose mantra is “Follow your heart”. The duo first created Isabella Fiore. In 2006 the duo started Lockheart, whose bags still make a statement but are more toned down than many Fiore bags.

ShopBop Picks

Some nights when I decide my working day is over, I end of browsing online etailers. And then I get shopping. I don’t even realize what I am doing, but with a few clicks all of a sudden, days later, I have 3 packages waiting for me.

RM tPF Sample Sale

One of our favorite designers has her sample sales coming up in the next few weeks. Kicking off the Sample Sale in New York City, Rebecca Minkoff will have a exclusive Cinco de Mayo MAB and Margaritas party for tPFers. Yours truly, Vlad and I, will be attending as well!

Foley + Corinna Foldover Clutch

I’m going to come out and say it, no beating around the bush here, does this clutch look worn out? There is something about the colors used in the Foley + Corinna Fold Over Clutch that looks like it was left out in the bright summer sun for too long.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. While you might be planning a huge gathering which includes all the mother’s in your family or you are working on finding the right card and/or gift to send to your mom. Each year, I end up doing something a little different.

Adriana Castro PA at Henri Bendel

Yet again, another lucky day for all of you in the NYC area. Wednesday, April 29th head on over to Henri Bendel to meet the amazing Adriana Castro and enjoy a fabulous trunk show! Adriana will be there to greet customers and also to help customers custom make their bags.


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