About two weeks ago, we reported that eBay had lost a counterfeit case with Hermes. In that instance, eBay got away with being fined a mere 20,000 Euros. As a few of our readers pointed out to us today, eBay got a hefty slap on the wrist this time.

Courtney Cox is not followed around by the paparazzi as much as her best friend from Friends is, Jennifer Aniston, but I bet she likes it that way. But at least when she is followed Courtney Cox pairs her casual jeans and tee shirt outfit with a bold red handbag.

The Pauric Sweeney Python Shoulder Bag has been a hit handbag long before the likes of Lindsay Lohan carried it (in my book anyway). There is something so overly simple yet intriguing about the Pauric Sweeney Overnight Bag.

Our latest press has everyone at Purse Forum very excited! Vlad had been working with Amanda Kwan from the Associated Press on a story about authenticating handbags online. The verdict on the place to go: Purse Forum.

There is nothing better than sale season! One of my favorite designers (be on the lookout for more about their bags soon!) Temperley London is going 60% off this Saturday! The summer sale will boast 60% off the Temperley London Cruise & Spring/Summer Collections starting Saturday, June 28th.

Bottega Veneta Ruched Shoulder Bag

Today is a very late start after a morning filled with appointments. I went on my way to the appointments and everything was the exact same as usual, except one added little touch.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, has been the face of Gerard Darel since 2003. Gerard Darel bags have gained popularity year after year, and Charlotte Gainsbourg was the face toting the bags that we fell in love with.

Lambertson Truex released their Resort collection earlier this month, which has caught many editors attention. Although the bags will not be in stores until October or early November, we had the pleasure of reviewing them now for all of you.

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Kooba Ashley in Metallic Silver Python

Ever see a bag (or anything, I guess) and immediately think “Oh my God, that is GORGEOUS” and then, after you get yourself all excited and paw at it for a few seconds, realize, “Wait…something isn’t right.”

That’s what happened to me last weekend when I encountered the Kooba Ashley at Bloomingdales in Lenox Square Atlanta.