The other night The Purse Forum seemed to have some problems. I know many of you emailed us and tried to see if we mentioned anything on Purse Blog. Whatever the kink was, it appears to be fixed.

We are again late on our links, but we did not forget! Here are some great reads of the week. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Don’t forget to check out the Net-A-Porter Sale!

This past holiday season I gifted many clutches to my friends and relatives. Clutches are the perfect gift to give to just about any girl. Throw a great lipstick in and you have a bag that is ready to be taken out.

For 2008, I’ll be periodically reporting on interesting/exciting discussions that spark up on the Purse Forum. It’s a very diverse and active place, this forum of ours, a fantastic & friendly community of handbag enthusiasts from all around the world.

The post-Christmas period loves markdowns like fat kid loves cake. Merchants are pushing off the season’s stock at marginal profits to make room for the next season’s goods. Our British friends at Net-A-Porter have countless high-end designer handbags up for grabs at up to 60% off retail price.

Right now I am vacationing in the land of the fun and funky; Key West, Florida. People here are walking around in bikinis, sandals, shorts, and soaking up the sun. This has been the perfect transition after a cold but beautiful stay in Germany.

The prices keep dropping and the sales keep moving. Act quick before an item you have been eyeing is gone! Bergdorf Goodman has got in on the sale action and has marked many items up to 50% off.

Today and the rest of this week, Vlad and I will be bringing you many after Christmas/Holiday sales. After the build up of opening your presents, there is still a way to get your fix, shop the sales!

There is a lot going on with this clutch. Not only is there a brown and white zebra print pattern, but the material is ponyskin. And Choo has added another dimension with the gray watersnake trim that seems to have a bit of a glimmer and shine to it.

If you think your gift receiving is over, think again. Not only are we offering three fabulous prizes for the month of December (really, amazing prizes!), two of our favorite sites have bags up for grab too.