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Posting has been light because Vlad and I are in New York City right now. We have been meeting with some fabulous designers (who you will all get to ‘meet’ soon!) and doing some major shopping.

Many times, you get what you pay for. If you pay for a knock-off, that is what you get. If you pay $8k for a Hermes Birkin, you get meticulous craftsmanship. Many times prices are inflated, but for the most part you get what you pay for.

If you can keep your hands clean, then this pochette will be a stunning crisp evening bag. Tod’s is known for understated elegance, for clean lines and bags that function. With a touch of refined charm, the Tod’s Boomerang Pochette manifests its beauty in symmetry and class.

Welcome back to Tuesdays with Twiggers!

Some of the most successful Louis Vuitton handbag lines have been the ones in which Takashi Murakami collaborated with Marc Jacobs. The Multicolore line, Cherry Blossom line, Panda, and Cerises were all the works of Japanese pop artist Murakami.

I am so over LiLo. I have no idea what this girl is doing, haven’t cared to read about her, and the last I heard she is broke. But her pictures find their way to my computer and pop out at me, and then I LOOK!

This handbag is so manly it is making my estrogen run and hide. Seriously, I understand that Chloe wants to sport the chunky hardware and thick leather look, but everything about this handbag screams out brute-force-man.

This season surrounds a sexy secretary trend. There is something about a woman in a body hugging skirt and shirt, with her hair pulled back, glasses on (of course), and high heels, that drives a man wild.

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