No logo, no fuss, just pure handbag. The Givenchy Nightingale has been a hit with Ashley Olsen, a hit with fashionistas worldwide, and now a complete hit with me. Not the typical take to work bag, but the perfect everyday bag, the Givenchy Wrinkled Leather Nightingale is the ideal handbag for the girl who makes fashionable look easy.

Sleek and sophisticated, yet radiating a party of its own. Did you not get an invite? The slight modern feel with the playful crystal embellishment has the Devi Kroell Crystal Box Clutch on the top of my list for a handbag that is the life of the party.

Not only are the ‘grown-ups’ dishing out more money on designer clothing, but now kids are too. And this means that the kids parents are willing to spend money on designer clothing and handbags for their children to take to school.

Upon first glance, does this color scheme work for you? A shocking purple patent leather is paired with tan colored leather trim. I first thought black leather would be better suited, but then I realized that color combination may appear very sullen and downtrodden.

This handbag is long and slender, just like we would all like to be. I keep working on the slender part, but I have the long part down :wink: . The simplicity of the Zac Posen Apple Clutch is alluring, with a hexagon shaped ring accent that acts as the focal point.

Covering up can still be sexy with the Christian Louboutin Pretty Woman Suede Boots {$1295 via NAP}

MTV offered more than just a show to LC. Check out The Lauren Conrad Collection {via Fab Sugar}

Lindsay Lohan relapsed, again??

For those of you who have or those of you who want, there is a great article about the artisans behind Hermes in Vanity Fair. With the price tag of a Birkin starting around $7,000 now, many people may wonder why the large price tag.

While I am not at all sold on this handbag, it is a viable option for anyone looking to buy a tan leather bag. I will keep my seat at my desk and not get too excited over this bag, but it doesn’t make me cringe either.

Feast your eyes fashionable girls and boys, for this is the last Scarlett ad you will see from me! Yes, my fall preview series has come to a sad conclusion and I have oh-so-thoughtfully saved the best, or maybe the worst, for last.

Neiman Marcus continues to celebrate their 100th birthday with a range of exclusive products that are sure to garner ample attention. Judith Leiber has designed special edition clutches for different years and events at Neiman Marcus and for this notable anniversary Leiber has brought the butterfly into the forefront.

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