With the Oscars just behind us, many have evening bags on mind. From VBH, to Swarovski, to Leiber, to newcomer in the handbag world Roger Vivier, hand candy was an ultimate Oscars accessory. If you are not one of the lucky few who is actually given an expensive bag for free, join me in the search for spending your own hard earned money on a fabulous evening bag.

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While many say that Britney Spears is getting what she deserves, I feel pretty bad for the gal. She has lived a life that is always in the spotlight and is attempting to undergo a divorce, raise 2 children, and bring back her singing career.

Chloe have three hit bags in my opinion that most likely come to mind when you think of the designer. 1) Paddington, 2) Silverado, 3) Edith. Soon the number 4 will be occupied with the Chloe Bay Bag (which I am not a big fan of).

At 10 years old I was playing with my Barbies with my plastic Barbie car and occasionally with my Polly Pocket. There was a special on Oprah recently about child wonders, uhmmm it sure did dumb me down a bit.

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Sunday night was a huge night for Ellen and all of the attendee’s and winners at the Oscars. Genuine, witty, and cool, Ellen DeGeneress hosted the hottest event said to be viewed by 1 billion people world wide.

Like I have said many times, I grew up on the ocean. Well not on it per say, although I always wanted to live in the ocean in Stilt City but that is besides the point.

To tame down the word punk, add the word sweet. This really is a delectable oxymoron pairing, sweet punk, which is also the name of the new hit line by Marc Jacobs. Hilary Duff has already been seen sporting a Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Bag) and if this bag ran more along the monetary line of the Marc Jacobs Miss Marc, I’d go for it.

Picture via NYtimes Fashion Magazine

The lovely Maxter on tPF brought this picture to my attention, which is an article as a picture and is literally worth thousands (if not millions) of words. It is clear that handbags are ruling the fashion world because of their necessity and ability to show off some style.

Proudly sporting the ‘Art to Wear Girl Scout Badge’

Oh yes, I was in girl scouts. You better believe it. And when I was too young to be in girl scouts, I was an honorary members of my sisters troop (where my mom was of course the troop leader).

I find that many women obsess over sizing. ‘Good gawd this is an 10, I don’t wear a 10! I’m not buying this’ or ‘seriously I am going on a diet and once I get to my goal these 6’s will fit’.

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