1. Fendi Gologo Large Transparent Bag.

Three R’s come to mind; repugnant, repulsive, revolting. This bag looks as if it were made with a cheap shower curtain that you would find at in an in-state college dorm shower.

F stands for Fendi and F stands for fugly. Seriously the house of Fendi needs a major recall ASAP. Make up any excuse in the world; you can even use my own personal excuse; you broke your arm on the slopes and had an extremely difficult time designing.

Never a fans of Tod’s, but this clutch is gorgeous! The Tod’s Marlene Clutch is made with dark brown lizard tejus, this frame closure clutch shows sexiness and elegance at the same time. Currently retails for $1400 through Neiman Marcus.

If I were to anticipate breaking my arm, I would have bought this Louis Vuitton handbag when I saw it in LV Bal Harbour. A stunning Limited Edition handbag, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Satin Aumônière may be a bit hard to care for because of its silk satin, but manifests its beauty in the silver with gold jacquard monogram LV.

GASP! I’m so smitten I can’t even think of a clever preamble for this post! This Bottega Veneta Soft Crocodile Clutch is just dreamy. I love Bottega clutches. The pillbox structure and the signature pretzel knot detail on the closure are so elegant.

Yves Saint Laurent has been pushing the Downtown bag like it’s the new Muse with what looks like middling results. The Downtown doesn’t speckle the pages of tabloids, and I don’t see it dangling from a fashionably clothed arm every time I venture into Hollywood.

This bag is downright hilarious. It is completely impractical in my life, but can not be touted a fug bag because it is just too funny. I prefer big dogs over little dogs, but if my pup were sporting some bad-to-the-bone aviators, I’d take him if he were little.

For tonight, three PB-exclusive shots at some Chanel purses that just hit the store shelves. Grab these beauties at your nearest Saks Fifth Ave store. Prices as shown on the images!

Perfo Chanel Flap in Red

Chanel Blue Jumbo Flap

Chanel Shoulder Bag in Eggshell

Too much, too fast is the theme of our ski vacation. If you could all see me now. Picture this: A fashionable gal wearing my boyfriends shirt because it is all that will fit overly my arm somewhat comfortably with my right arm (my writing arm of course) snuggled close to my body in a sling and wrist brace waiting to be checked by my ortho.

Yep, every time I travel I miss a flight, have a delay, or circle the airport for at least an hour. Today, Vlad, our friend Tim, and I did all three. But after making it to Salt Lake City, we finally hopped on our mini-commuter and made it to Idaho Falls, Idaho.