Looks like we will probably have to start cooking our 15 lbs of $179 Prime Rib about now to get it cooked in time for 8 pm, but nevertheless, it is nearly 2007. Here is the last bit of Web Shebang brought to you by the Purse Blog!

Congratulations to mas2388!!! The fab people at M Z WALLACE NYC chose lucky number 11, and mas2388 was the 11th person to sign up for the giveaway! She will be receiving her new bag just in time for 2007.

For the first pretty much ever, I can say that Paris Hilton and I have something in common. She has been soaking up the sun in a bikini… Just like I have been doing in sunny South Florida!

This post is way overdue. I’ve been obsessing over the Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk line since I saw the Fluo Violet Sid in the November issue of Vogue. By all reports, these bags are made of the softest, most supple goatskin leather you’ll see for a while from the House of Marc.

Is this a winter wonderland must or a winter wonderland bust? This blond haired babe is decked in D&G snow white from head to toe. Do you dig the D&G Dolce & Gabbana Winter Outfit?

Speak to us people!!

The Spy bag hit big a little over a year ago and since then house of Fendi has designed quite a few hit Spy’s and quite a few total busts. My Honey Spy bag is absolutely stunning and I still am complimented on it whenever I take it out for a stroll.

Perhaps it’s that I’ve washed one too many practice football jerseys… but I’m not in love with the “cutout details” on the Miu Miu Large Nappa Leather Satchel. Come on you washers-of-the-jerseys, you know what I mean.

Off the wall is part of Alexander McQueen’s middle name. This can also lead to extreme and complete odd ball handbag creations. I may have it out for shearling handbags, but come on, the Alexander McQueen Shearling East West Handbag has an angel staring at me.

I will always attempt to find fault with Cameron Diaz because she dates my first no-chance-in-hell-he-will-date-me boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Since then, I have seriously wondered why I even found him so sexy (ok so he dances from his baby toe to his left ear perfectly) and ever thought I could just maybe meet him someday.

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