Stocking stuffers and other small gifts are a must for the holiday season. While we all wish we could get Hermes bracelets, Louis Vuitton Cles’, and Chanel makeup in our stocking, it is not feasible for all of the gift givers out there.

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Metallic bags are the bags to carry this holiday season and the IT bag to be seen with is the new Louis Vuitton Miroir Line. Janet Jackson has been photographed carrying this new IT bag, even though the new Miroir line does not officially launch until December 1.

Vlad and I decided to make the Purse Blog a little more interactive. To do this, we have opened up the Purse Blog for guest bloggers to contribute, for thousands of readers to see! A little nerve-wrecking for a minute or two, thinking that so many people will read what you write, but exciting nonetheless.

Typically if you are going to attempt to sell an expensive handbag, you will also attempt to take a decent picture. This way the potential buyer will understand and be able to visualize the bag more.

Over the year there have been a number of fug bags designed by some of the big names. Now that the year is ending, the black numbers need to be written in bulk and designers have gorgeous handbags that popped up just in time.

If this bag were at the $1 store, I would not buy it. Yet this bag is at Saks and costs $1 times 1,350. GASP you say, and I agree. Nancy Gonzalez handbags are known for their exotic skins and typically she puts out some great items.

The Holiday season is now officially upon us (oh yea, decorations are up around my house!) and gold handbags are all the rage. If you are not as keen on buying a completely gold bag, opt for a bag with gold details.

Vlad and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed Black Friday Shopping (or hiding). We went to a wedding which manifested in open bar, nature preserve, and nearly getting stuck in an elevator (don’t ask).

I must really be out of it, because I actually had no idea that Jenny McCarthy is with Jim Carrey?! Nevertheless, the weird match (weird to me) has been enjoying their European vacation after attending TomKat’s wedding.

I know this comes a little late in the day, but Megs and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with your families and friends. All I know is that I overstuffed myself so badly, I am going to be fasting for the next 3 months.

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