Hooray, a true milestone was broken about 2 hours ago! And it sure was worth staying up for it. :-D

Our Purse Forum broke 500,000 total posts!

A special Thanks from Megs and myself goes out to almost 10,000 members and our lovely moderators that have made tPF what it is today.

Hilarious what stuff you can stumble upon when you’re up late browsing the web. May I present:

The world’s coolest Prada bag you’ll ever see:

Props to the Ice Chef and his amazing ice sculptures and carvings.

The reason why the Chanel section has been filled with crickets other than handbags is because there is so few places online that offer authentic Chanel handbags for sale. That means there is little to talk about, really.

Ok so this bag should just make you all laugh. I am going to go out on a limb and venture to say that many and most of you would say you could lose a few extra pounds and could be making a few extra bucks.

It may seem that I am on a metallic kick. Well, partially I am. There is just something about a metallic bag that makes me really and truly think summer is here. I don’t think I can get enough of the metallic goodness there is to offer, especially if it involves Dior ;-) The Dior Gaucho Washed Metallic Leather Medium Saddle Bag (wow that is a mouthful) bases itself on the highly sought after Gaucho bag with a fun touch of gold metallic washed leather.

So I am going to keep reiterating the fact that I am now a City girl. I love it I must say. It does get hectic and many times I do really wonder, “do people sleep here?” but it is so much fun nonetheless.

Hello from NYC everyone!! Finally I am getting a bit more settled and able to browse and talk to you about all the great things in life (accessories at least). First of all, my mom and I did some 5th Ave shopping yesterday.

It’s been quite quiet in the satchel department. Maybe it is because not many designers tend to classify their bags as satchels anymore, or rather, we don’t pay as much attention to them. Browsing Net-A-Porter‘s bag section, I ran across a worthy candicate that needs mentioning.

I think I have been neglecting wallets lately. That may be because I am in love with the wallet Vlad got me for Christmas, so wallets aren’t at the top of my list of wants and needs.

Some of you have heard that I have a new job in NYC. HOORAY!!!!! I have to learn to stop telling myself that with everything new comes a new bag, but I can’t help it. I am still in love with my Chloe Paddington.