While so many of the accessories we lust and obsess over are not essential, when you are a new mommy a diaper bag is essential. You have to be prepared at all times with diapers, bottles, food, toys, wipes, pacifiers, and whatever else I am leaving out.

Say hello to MacGyver’s bag he wishes he always had. I can guarantee MacGyver could use this bag to make a trap, fix a bridge, make an airplane, and a tight rope that would take from the USA to Europe.

I’ve been getting some requests lately to talk more about Prada. I would love to if Prada only make more bags and had a website that was a little more helpful than a simple bump on a log.

For every brand there are a few signature bags that everyone seemingly knows and loves. For some reason my brain is not working great right now so my example is beyond obvious: What bag to you associate with Hermes?

Earlier today I reported about HH’s launch party for their W06 collection. Silly me didn’t realize that it was a press event only. So please disregard what you read about it, you’ll have to just read about their new line on the PB.

Let’s start off the week with something other than bags. Yes, this is the purse blog, but I know so many of you love all the other accessories out there. After a weekend loving the beautiful weather and the trees in bloom, I decided I want a new pair of shoes.

I have probably told you all that I will stop talking about the Fendi Spy ten times now. I lied. Fendi realized what a huge fashion impact the Spy has been and won’t stop producing these bad boys.

A weekend get-a-way sounds pretty nice right about now. Who else needs one? For a bag that can be used during the week then double over for a weekend carryall, don’t neglect to think of Bebe.

Who would have thought that the sk8er boi girl would sport a real cute bag? Is Avril Lavigne all grown up and leaving her punk roots to become a fashionista? Nahh. But she has opted to wear a trendy bag.

Could it be that the entire Osbourne family played clean up?? I still remember seeing both Jack and Kelly far from desirable and now they both have lost weight and cleaned up their acts. I see matching outfits, ‘normal’ hair colors, and a sense of style and fashion.