Chloe Large Betty Satchel

Some of the most compliments I have received are from my most simplistic looks. The days when I throw my hair up, toss on a simple tee-shirt, and throw on a pair of sassy jeans is when people tell me that I look amazing.

Gucci Evening BagWhen it comes to evening wear, I don’t think it is a bad idea to may an eye-catching statement. And since we are all handbag pasionistas, why not make the statement with an ornate evening bag. The Gucci Evening Bag shows off a catena chain strap, a push-lock bamboo closure, and a jeweled bloom charm.

Cole Haan Large Carryall Sierra Embroidery Collection

Finally, an entry for Viewer’s Choice Monday!! Thanks to Jaffa for finding a lovely collection by the reasonable Cole Haan. Jaffa has fallen in love with the Sierra Embroidery Collection in which she loves both the shape and color variation of the bags.

So many owners of small dogs love carrying their itsty bitsy in pet carriers. But if you really want to accessorize your pooch, why not turn your dog into your bag. Sounds weird, I know, but it is do-able. Actually, the way that Pampered Puppy shows these puppy purses has me laughing.

Kooba Large Carla Bag with BraidWhile braids are such a trademark of young girls, I never quite liked them. One reason may be because I hated letting my mom do my hair and I couldn’t figure it out myself or even just that I was not good at making braids.

Dior Gaucho Denim Leather Medium Saddle BagNo, I can not get my mind off the Gaucho. I have seen so many of the wonderful people on the forum post their beautiful Christian Dior handbags and I still yearn for one. If you are opting for the medium bag, gander at the beautiful Dior Gaucho Denim/Leather Medium Saddle Bag.

Miu Miu Crochet Bags

When I think of crochet, I stereotypically think of a hobby of older women. Shame on me, but there are some pre-conceived notions that we all can’t kick. Then again, in college I had a roommate who showed me that knitting and crocheting is not just for the stereotypical ‘person’, because my roommate sure did make a kick butt blanket or two.

Chanel Ostrich 2.55

It has been a while since Chanel has graced us with its ubiquitous beauty. Thanks to the lovely Chanel Amour, we can always be updated on the hard to find Chanel goodies. Mixing exotic with classic, the Chanel Ostrich 2.55 has me drooling.

Gap Canvas ToteOk so we all want and love those high end bags. But I won’t lie; I simply can not afford everything I want. I may try to justify it to myself over and over, but when the money isn’t there I can’t swipe the card.

Tods Decoupage Shopping Media Bag

I love when new catalogues come out. Thanks to eLuxury, our favorite advertising partners, there are a new set of bags for all of us to gawk over. I can’t help but love the preppy and stylish look of someone wearing matching shoes with their bag.

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