AlohaRag of Hawaii describes Tom Binns as an “an Irish designer full of anger”. Frankly, I can see where that is coming from. Whether his designs are really “showcasing his creativity and boldness, while at the same time creating plenty of controversy” is really up to the eye of the beholder to judge.

Versatile leather satchel in Mineral, marked down 40% – sale price $138.95 – Link

For this Viewer’s Choice Monday, let’s start off with the bad. Many of you over at the forum know about Noriko’s love of Christian Dior handbags, but this Dior is not really catching her eye all that much.

Remember the infamous boom boxes? Oh yes, those were cool. I’m a little late on announcing this bag, but it is too cool to pass up. A few weeks ago at the MacWorld Expo, Lifepod of New York introduced the world a golden metallic bag containing stereo speakers and a subwoofer if it all wasn’t enough.

$282 bucks via Zappos!

P.S. To those who follow our blog religiously, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a new category! The Bag Deals cover affordable bags and deals on chic bags that deserve being mentioned and shared.

For some strangely disturbing reason, I never fully caught on to the whole Apple iPod hype. My Sony MiniDisc player was my daily companion for several years, eventually a tiny iPod Shuffle replaced it that Megs got me a few months ago.

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. For some reason, Sunday feels about 182 times lazier than Saturday. It always has to me. It is more of a lazy unproductive day for me than any other.

In the spirit of my love of python, I figure I will show you another slithery amphibian bag. Yikes, did that just make using python sound bad?? Nahh. But this python Prada bag doesn’t nearly get me the way the beautiful white tote did.

California may have Hollywood, sunshine, Beverly Hills, beaches, shopping, and pretty much every gorgeous guy on the face of the planet, but they can’t have this beautiful tote shipped to them! (Sorry my Cali guys, just giving you a hard time ;-) ).

Your name distinguishes you from everyone else around you. This doesn’t mean that someone else does not have your exact name, because I am pretty sure most of us have duplicate named people out there- but it still makes you unique.