Is anyone done with hearing about Chloe? My guess would be that some people are, but I sure am not. I can’t fall out of love with my Paddy- it is my baby. I wear that bag and my arm feels so privileged!

There is no need denying that every woman carries a lot of useless crap around with her in her precious purse. I’m sure tons of you all have iPods or some sort of other portables that you cram in there, too.

I have to venture to say that Steve Jobs is a kid at heart. Do any of you have the new Mac computers? Well I do. A beautiful G5 to be precise, and this puppy is so sexy and so much fun.

Well ladies and gents, for the holiday season we did not want to disappoint you! I know many of you are busy with family and friends, but why not try to win a thing or two this holiday season.

So ladies (and gents of course!), during this holiday season I am sure many of us got a new bag or two that we love. Even if we did not get a bag, I am sure there are some cool gifts floating around out there.

I find it adorable when a mom and daughter wear something that matches. Call me corny if you want to, but I can’t resist it. Even better if it is a preppy little tote bag. The Lacoste Canvas Tote bag comes in both large and mini, and while the mini is not said to be for little girls, wouldn’t it be cute?

Some of us are a little southern or have a little southern twang. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a country girl. Well, that is a lie. I’m quite the city girl, but I do like to believe I have a little country in me somewhere.

For those of you who celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope it was a good one. Santa thought I was a nice girl this year so I am smiling. And Vlad must have thought I was really nice this year too, because he treated me with a beautiful Dior wallet!!

Dear readers, we wish you all Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with whoever you may spend the holidays with. We will be back in full force on Monday to satisfy your cravings for more bags — til then it’s time to chill and dedicate time to the ones you love the most.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As Christmas is just about to stumble over the doorstep into our family’s homes, Megs and I at the Purse Blog feel the need to spread some love!