For all of you lovers of white, I’ve got great news. White is in style (don’t even act like you are surprised!). Better yet, white-on-white, aka white-out, is also in style for spring. I’m jumping for joy, because I am a lover of white.

We all know and love the Dior Detective bag. I haven’t been hearing about the bag as much lately, but I still love the shape and style of this bag. Just for all of you Detective lovers, there is a new spring color awaiting you.

Let me again take the time to welcome me back. Welcome back me! I hope you all had a great weekend and are still enjoying all the leftovers. Lucky for me, South Florida missed me more than anything so of course I had to reintroduce myself to the mall, the beach, and the sun :-D.

After a wonderful weekend down in South Florida with my family, I am finally back and ready to get back you all of you! I hope Vlad kept you entertained for a bit while I was gone, and get ready for lots of new and beautiful bags coming your way!!

Kat2 posted this one on our Forums and it was just too brilliantly simply to pass it up. The Momo Safe Chair, straight Museum of Modern Art, has to be credited to the Design Against Crime Research Centre based at Central Saint Martins.

It’s Black Friday ladies, and that means the retail stores love you all for your day-long fanatic spending practice. I was never aware that this was indeed the single most busy day for shoppers and stores alike, but it must be true if they gave it even its own name.

Welcome to the Turkey Day edition of today’s wild blog postings. While webmistress Megs is off and away to see her family in Southern Florida for the weekend, you’ll be stuck with me as a host for the rest of the week.

The Holiday’s call for their own bag. This is not a rule, but I’d sure love try make it one. This way, I would have a reason or excuse to buy a bag for this holiday season coming up.

Buy Fendi handbags at Net A Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue.

It’s time to let Karl’s exuberant creativity roam freely and indulge us with new Fendi Spy Bag variations for the upcoming year. One thing’s for sure, the Spy never gets old and we never get bored looking at it.

Wow, you don’t see this often. Blink again, and one or two or three more times until you realize that some Chanel products are marked down at Bluefly. This is the best kind of blinking there can be.