Coach released an all new Signature Patchwork series of bags, that is, unlike their earlier Patchwork, trimmed in colorful snakeskin and is the first all patchwork collection to incorportate five different sizes of their own pattern fabric.

After I did a lovely write up on the gorgeous Fendi bags that do exist, I feel totally let-down by this hideous number. I’m going to take a stab at what happened here. Karl Lagerfeld spent this past winter in North Dakota in the mountains and never once had human interaction.

I love my makeup. I do not use it hardly ever, but I love it. Whenever I go to the mall I always head into Sephora or Nieman Marcus to buy makeup, which I do not need or use.

I have always remembered when anyone asked me to sit; I stood, asked me to laugh; I cried, asked me to be nice; I was mean, etc etc. And I know whenever I was in class and or listening to a presentation and I should be quiet, I laughed.

$1,050 worth of scrumptious, mindblowing, icecap-melting, attractive, splendid, bombastic and spacious tote goodness. Made of beautifully grained leather exterior with elegant saddle-style topstitching, it comes with a double zipped closure. The fine canvas lining comes with a zipped pocket, and more hemispherical zipped pockets on either sides of the bag.

Spartacus was gorgeous right? The man I mean. I think so. Or maybe that is just how they portrayed him in the movies. But I do know that Brad Pitt looked amazingly gorgeous in Troy. Actually many of my guy friends (including you Vlad!) not only admitted to finding Brad Pitt gorgeous, but also admitted to watching the movie just for him.

Let’s see who has the best skills out there! Rick, a lovely reader of ours, dropped me an email saying his daughter loves this bag that Jessica Simpson is sporting. I have figured out that it is indeed a Miu Miu bag.

How about them apples? This year, many designers take the forbidden fruit and slap it on their summer bags, e.g. Luella did with her Gisele. Others take the trend and turn their bags into the fruit itself.

For some reason this world is always living so far into the future I swear we forget to live for today. Ah words of wisdom from little insignificant me. But it is true. When it’s Halloween, there are talks of the holidays such as Christmas.

I do appreciate bags that sets certain moods, bags that have outstanding features and catch other people’s attention. I do believe that the Arche Irish is a candidate for just that job. As plain as it may seem, it is the simplistic design and the loose, buttoned straps that add appeal.