Everything about James Piatt’s work screams out kickass, from his Dr. Strangelove themed site, his provocative Pillory Dinette table, to his odd lightning piece.

However, what strikes me the most is the vinyl Peacekeeper Handbag. Bizarrely, it integrates a set of aluminum brass knuckles for a handle.

Louis Vuitton Alma, I bow before thee in deep respect. With a capacity of a Sherman tank, and the discreet elegance of a Rolls-Royce Phantom II, this will be your best friend on the urban business battle grounds.

To you new and expecting mommies, I didn’t forget about you! Diaper bags become the acccessory you end up carrying when you have a newborn. The DKNY Baby Bag Tote combines style and simplicity to provide you with a new mommie neccessity.

VBH stands for V. Bruce Hoeksema. Mr Hoeksema is a very successful businessman and designer with over 20 years of fashion expertise. His company V.B.H. is an Italian luxury accessories house, the core of which is a line of men’s and women’s luxury bags.

Get this exotic Kelly Bag look for hundreds less than Hermes’ and Gucci’s. This large gorgeous rich brown bag is embossed to look like expensive alligator skin. Our Kelly Bag delivers an uncomplicated top zipper closure and un-cinched sides.

The more I have delved into high end fashion, I have realized designers truly have no problem saying what they really think. John Galliano’s was recently recorded saying his motivation when he designs is to design clothes for women that make men want to f*** them.

I’ve been meaning to credit the Dior Saddle Bag for the longest time, and finally comes the day that I do so. What the Kelly to Hermes, and what the classic monogram is to LV, Dior’s is the Saddle Bag.

I can’t help but be a celeb style follower. I love to see what they are wearing and what is in style according to Hollywood. My Newlywed friend, who I hate to love, can’t get enough of the Large Gucci Horsebit Hobo.

London-based couture shoemaker Jimmy Choo is not only great at manufacturing stylish and wearable shoes, but also high quality bags. And that is what we care about, afterall.

Today’s pick out of Jimmy Choo’s fantastic collection is the Horizon Leather Bag that just hit Net-A-Porter of England this week.

Miuccia Prada is loaded, alright. She was recently voted one of the 30 Most Powerful Women in Europe by the Wall Street Journal while Forbes estimates her fortune at $1.4 billion. Not to shabby, she must be doing something right.