Ipa-Nima Cannes Taffeta Feather BagHanoi-based Ipa-Nima is Vietnam’s premier designer label of handmade bags and fashion accessories. Care to know the most sizzzzzzling hot handbags on the market, as toted by Hollywood starletts like Toni Braxton, Sarah Michelle-Gellar and Cate Blanchett?

Moschino Ribbon Bow Bag

The Moschino Ribbon Bow Bag from this year’s Resort Collection is guaranteed to turn heads. Its unique bowtie shape is truely adorable and super chic, whether it’s really cheap though, is a whole different story.

The grosgrain bow bag carries a polka dot print on yellowish cotton canvas.

Prada Robot CharmEarlier last week we commented on the Prada Charms we encountered in Paris. While there were tons, and I mean tons of different ones, from hearts to animals, this funny little Prada Robot Charm was the one was just standing out.

The Bag Lady has a nice roundup on some very chic laptop bags for the ladies. Although it’s a UK-based site, it’s nice to see what’s out there – and most of the stores do ship to the US as well.

St Tropez Fug BagSpring 2005 Fug is in full bloom. Oh yes, we’ve all been waiting patiently. St Tropez Essentials has decided to grace us with extreme fug and totally un-cool and un-funny and un-anything semi trendy phrases.

Rafe Key West Reese Large ToteIt’s all about New York and their never-ending fashion trends and boutiques. I love it. You can go from street to street and see one posh store after another, carrying one-of-a-kind and totally trendy handbags. I have been fortunate enough to be a frequent weekend visitor to New York City for much of my life, and have always checked out the personable unique handbag shops.

Yves Saint Laurent Nadja Mini HoboWe never walked into the Paris YSL store, just because the sales people inside seemed more stuck up than a p*rn actress with a massive you-know-what in her you-know-where, and gave us unwelcoming looks like we just didn’t even belong there.

Burberry Floral WristletThe spring finally knocked on our door and we certainly won’t let it stand outside in the cold for long! And what do we associate with spring time, beside lovy dovy butterflies in your tum tum and makin’ babies?

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Tods Charlotte PiccolaIt is no secret that we love de luxe, we love the glam, we love the pomptuous, fancy and expensive here at our precious blog. Although many of the featured handbags are out of many people’s league and least of you loyal readers would actually really ever pay, not to mention being able to afford many of our listed bags, it is always a real pleasure to present just those bags to you.