On time for this year’s Valentine’s celebration, Coach has released more than a dozen new brand-spanking new items.

The new Optic Signature Suede Gallery Tote will cost our men a mere $498 (see picture above), while the silver/white/pink Valentine Heart Wristlet retails at $98:

Well look no further. I myself loved the bag LC carried throughout MTV’s hit show Laguna Beach and realized that bag is quite the growing trend. A newly growing company is making this same hobo style bag, Lolli by Reincarnation, which runs upwards of $300 plus dollars for that totally trendy and practical bag.

Whether it’s Prada, Gucci, Fendi or any other top name couture bag, celebrities are never seen without the hottest bag on the market. So do you want to nab that celebrity style? Of course! Who doesn’t?