Replica Coach PursesIt would be a blatant lie if any girl were to say she does not want at least one top of the line designer handbag. But reality sets in, and the thoughts of spending thousands on some fabric and a zipper seems to make everyone cringe and only lust for the bag more.

Large Tote GucciAre you one of the ladies that needs to carry everything in her purse? Frankly, whether you are carrying 5 things or 50 things, a large styled purse is a must for anyone.

Bag, Borrow Or Steal Purse Rentals Movie rentals, tux rentals, car rentals and now purse rentals?? Seems totally outlandish, but actually who came up with such a brilliant idea? Although we all want to be like the famous quad from Sex and the City, face it girls, we can’t always have a different bag for a different day, attitude, outfit, and occasion.

SmartBargainsIt is obvious that a designer purse stands out and draws attention to you and your outfit. But the sky high prices just might leave a dent too big in your back pocket. So what do you do?

The fact of the matter is, there are designer purses all over the internet with hugely dropped prices.


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